Motor Driver

Trinamic Motion Control (Hamburg, Germany) announced the TMC7300 low-voltage driver for one DC motor up to 2A peak or two DC motors up to 2.4A peak on a single or dual Li-ion cell or at least two AA batteries. The driver is suited for battery-operated equipment and with an integrated direct bridge, the chip can also control solenoids, relays, and other actuators. Available in a small-form-factor, 20-pin QFN (3×3 mm) package, the driver provides high power density using integrated power MOSFETs and integrated DC motor control logic. As a result, it can control velocity and limit torque or be used in torque-controlled operation. It includes a single-wire UART interface to control the direction, velocity, and torque of up to two DC motors. Features include PWM control for smooth acceleration and deceleration, an internal current limiter to protect both the DC motor and power source, and mechanical load sensing.

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Linear Guide

The EXRAIL® linear slide guide from NB Corporation of America (Hanover Park, IL) uses multiple small-diameter needle rollers that reduce dynamic frictional resistance and range of fluctuation of dynamic frictional resistance. Localized deformation occurs when a slide guide receives load in pitch, yaw, or roll directions. High static load capacity provides a large amount of load that the block can sustain before it deforms. The system’s retainer prevents skews and friction for smooth circulation. Rollers are in contact with lubricated resin material during circulation and four oil holes enable re-lubrication. Side, under, and inner seals for dust prevention are provided.

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Ball Valves

Hayward Flow Control (Clemmons, NC) announced the TBH Series True Union industrial ball valves in large-diameter sizes of 2l/2"/DN65 through 6"/DN150. The valves feature an integral lockout plate that secures to the body of the valve and an ISO 5211 actuator mounting bolt pattern as standard. Other features include an integral footpad for installation on skids or panel mounts, a glass-filled polypropylene ergonomic handle, and an engineered double O-ring stem seal design. They are available in PVC and CPVC materials and are pressure-rated for 235 PSI/PN16 at 70 °F/23 °C non-shock across all sizes and materials. End connection options include socket, threaded, and flanged IPS, DIN/EN, or JIS.

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Plastic Chain Conveyors

Flextrac Series modular plastic chain conveyors from QC Conveyors (Cincinnati, OH) are designed from building blocks including straight sections, horizontal curves, and vertical bends that combine to create an overall system customized to the customer’s needs. They can be built on an aluminum or stainless steel frame capable of operating in washdown environments. With multiple options for elevation changes, the conveyors can be configured for accumulation and cooling/drying applications or for elevating/lowering product to another level. The conveyors are capable of loads up to 850 pounds and speeds up to 160 feet per minute.

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Offset Couplings

Zero-Max Schmidt (Plymouth, MN) announced offset couplings that ensure machines operate with constant phase accuracy and constant speed throughout the rotation and cycle of the machine. They are available in sizes with a large range of parallel misalignment capacity with shaft displacements of 0.156 to 17.29" and torque capacities from 55 to 459,000 inch-pounds. They eliminate radial vibration from one end of the offset coupling to the other end.

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AC Drive/Motors

AutomationDirect (Cumming, GA) offers SureStep high-voltage AC drive and compatible MTRAC high-torque motors. The AC stepper drive is powered from 90 to 240VAC and is intended for use with step motors designed to handle a bus voltage of 340VDC. The motors are designed to work with high bus voltages, providing higher torque at higher speeds. Stepper drive auto-setup measures motor parameters and configures motor current control and anti-resonance gain settings. The high-voltage drive uses AC input of 90 to 240VAC and output current is selectable from 0.6-2.5A/phase (peak of sine). Microstep resolution is switch-selectable with 16 settings from 200 to 25,600 steps/rev. The motors are available in single-shaft and dualshaft configurations with steel rotor case and stainless-steel shaft(s). Motors are available in NEMA frame sizes 23 and 34 with torque available from 75 to 1841 oz-in.

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Miki Pulley (Plymouth, MN) announced Paraflex pin-hub couplings that feature high allowable misalignment, low backlash, and resonance dampening. With a pin-bushing type design, the couplings are available in two models: The CPU model has a maximum torque of 25 Nm and allows angular misalignment up to 4° while the CPE model has a maximum torque of 10 Nm and allows angular misalignment up to 1°. Available bore sizes range from 3.0 to 22 mm. They operate in temperature environments from -30 to +100 °C. They are suited for automated packaging systems, chip mounters, electric discharge machines, and similar applications.

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Position Sensors

Novotechnik, U.S. (Southborough, MA) introduced the Vert-X 1600 Series of angular position sensors with a compact housing base diameter of 16 mm. The sensors convert rotational angle into an analog or digital output. Measurement range is 0 to 360° with 14-bit resolution and repeatability of 0.1°. Available analog outputs are 10 to 90% of supply voltage and 5 to 95% of supply voltage. Digital interface options include SPI and PWM. The sensors are sealed to IP 65, life is ≥50 million movements, and MTTF is 668 years. Redundant versions are available. A 6-mm D-shaped shaft and two reinforced through-holes enable easy mounting. They are suited for industrial, medical, off-highway vehicle, and other applications with an operating temperature range of -40 to +125 °C.

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Stepper Motors

Applied Motion Products (Watsonville, CA) offers stepper motors with IP65 ratings that are dustproof and resistant to water pressure impact. The motors feature sealed laminations, an oil shaft seal, internal corrosion-resistant film coating, gaskets for mechanical joints, and an integral 10' shielded cable that protects against ingress of dust and resistance to low-pressure water jets. They are available in NEMA sizes 23, 24, and 34. A double-shaft version is available with an optional IP65-rated encoder for applications requiring feedback.

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Motion Controller

Nippon Pulse America (Radford, VA) introduced the Commander core motion controller, a four-axis hybrid IC that uses a BASIC-like programming language (A-SCRIPT) to allow programmers to compile, read, and write standalone programs. The software also provides multi-threading and subroutine support and can be run in both PC-based and standalone modes. Features include linear, arc, circular, helix, and tangential interpolation as well as coordinated motion and continuous buffered motion. It also allows the user to choose between trapezoidal or S-curve acceleration/deceleration and absolute or incremental positioning. Changes can be made on-the-fly with either the speed or target position shifting as desired during operation. It has stepper and servo motor interfaces and can operate via joystick with analog input (X and Y axes). Communication can be established over USB, Serial (RS-485, I2C, SPI), and Ethernet.

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Electric Drives

The Simplified Motion Series of electric drives from Festo (Islandia, NY) combines pneumatics and electric automation. The drives are equipped with digital I/O and IO-Link® to deliver intelligent IIoT communication. The actuators are built for simple motion between two mechanical end positions and include toothed belt axis, spindle and toothed belt axis, mini slide, electric cylinder, and rotary drive. The drives are plug-and-play and do not require additional software. The parameters for advancing and retracting speed, as well as pressing and clamping force, are set directly on the drive. End position, cushioning path, and manual operation are also set on the drive. End position feedback, which is similar to feedback from a standard proximity sensor, provides information about the completion of the motion task. IO-Link enables remote control, backup function, and read functions for process parameters.

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Servo Drive

The Simatic Micro-Drive F-TM Servodrive from Siemens (Munich, Germany) comprises a Simatic Micro-Drive F-TM Servodrive drive controller module, the Simatic ET 200SP and universal motors, and plug-in cables. The drive controller module supports dynamic and accurate positioning in a small amount of space in the performance range up to 280 watts. The drive system is suited for positioning tasks, in production machines, in shuttles for stacker cranes, and in automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs).

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Vibration-Sensing Fiber

AcoustiSens wideband single-mode optical fiber from OFS (Norcross, GA) is a vibration-sensing fiber for Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) systems.

Using a waveguide design based on the ITU-T G.657.A1 telecom-grade, single-mode standard, the fiber increases Rayleigh backscatter while maintaining low attenuation to improve Optical Signal to Noise Ratio (OSNR).

The fibers provide bend insensitivity and expand the operating wavelength band (1536 to 1556 nm) for interoperability with all known DAS interrogators. Applications include perimeter monitoring, highway monitoring, and pipeline monitoring.

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Rotary Stages

Optimal Engineering Systems (Van Nuys, offers the low-profile, 400-mm AY110-400-01 (stepmotor-driven) and AY110-400-02 (servo motor-driven) rotary stages that feature a 180mm (7.087") open aperture. A pattern of 16 threaded holes in two bolt circles allows for easy mounting of custom tooling and fixtures. The diameter of the rotary table is 400 mm (15.748”) and the range of travel is a full 360° of continuous rotation. The table is driven by a 360:1 worm gear and has a resolution of 0.0005° (18 arcsec) with a 10-microsteps-per-step stepper motor driver and repeatability of 0.02° (72 arcsec). The stages also feature positional accuracy of 0.05°, surface roundness of 20 microns, and parallelism of 120 microns. The black ano-dized stages have a load capacity of 75 Kg (165.3 lbs). Each of the stages can be ordered plug-and-play with a fully compatible controller.

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