Positioning System

H2W Technologies (Santa Clarita, CA) offers the SRT-030/360-026-01 two-axis X-Theta positioning system for motion control applications that require coordinated linear and rotary positioning. The system consists of a rotary DC servomotor with encoder mounted to a moving brushless linear motor-driven positioning stage. The linear axis uses a brushless linear motor to generate a continuous force of 26 lb. and a peak force of 78 lb. with a stroke length of 30". The non-contact, 1-micron-resolution linear encoder is guided by a pair of recirculating linear ball bearings. Customer cables can be routed within the cable carrier. Other features include a reference mark, end-of-travel limit switches, combined linear and rotary displacement, a rotary axis capable of full 360-degree rotation, and a rotary axis that can be easily removed if needed.

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Robot and Controller

The IP67-rated IRB 1100 robot and OmniCore™ C90XT controller for harsh environments are available from ABB (Cary, NC). The robot’s electrical components are sealed against contaminants.

The robot is available in two variants: one with a 4-kg payload with 475-mm reach and the other with a 580-mm reach. The controller features full IP54-rated protection, enabling it to be installed in close proximity to dirty, wet, and dusty processes.

It also offers extra internal space to support process-related equipment for communication, conveyor tracking, and external axis.

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Isolation Valves

Clippard (Cincinnati, OH) introduced the Eclipse stepper-controlled proportional valve for use in critical applications such as liquid and gas delivery, medical, analytical, and industrial automation. Features include a ceramic sliding seal, liquid and air capabilities, flow resolution of 0.19 ml/min water and 0.007 l/min air maximum at 30 psig, zero dead volume, linearity of <4% of full scale, and repeatability of <0.5% of full travel.

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Rodless Cylinders

NITRA® L-Series rodless cylinders from AutomationDirect (Cumming, GA) offer the same stroke as rodded cylinders in a smaller space. The cylinders have the piston connected to a carriage that rides outside the extruded cylinder wall, reducing overall length and making them suitable for small or tight locations. The cylinders have magnetic pistons and are double-acting. The cylinders have front and rear adjustable cushions and tapped end caps for mounting. Four bore sizes from 16 mm to 40 mm and seven stroke lengths from 100 mm to 1,000 mm are available. Accessories include sensor support brackets, end mounting brackets, and center support brackets for longer cylinders.

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Linear Actuator

Moticont (Van Nuys, CA) released the XYZ-10 three-axis XYZ linear actuator. The X and Y axes each have a 0.97" (24.6 mm) of travel and the Z axis has a stroke of 0.500" (12.7 mm). The high-speed, zero cogging, brushless voice coil motor provides 6.3 lbs. (28.2 N) of force and peak forces of 20.0 lbs. (89.9 N) at a 10% duty cycle for the X and Y axes. The Z axis linear actuator has a continuous force of 21.2 oz. (5.9 N) and 67.0 oz. (18.6 N) peak force. The actuator can be integrated into new and existing applications and is suited for assembly, pick-and-place, testing, inspection, sampling, and probing applications, especially in confined spaces.

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Swing Piston Pump

KNF (Trenton, NJ) offers the NPK 06 swing piston micro gas pump that delivers high-flow and high-pressure performance. It measures 1.85" (47 mm) wide and produces free flow up to 8 L/min. and pressure up to 80 psig (5.5 barg).

The pump is suited for various medical device and diagnostic applications such as cryotherapy, ophthalmology, clinical chemical analysis, compression therapy, and respiratory care. Additional applications include environmental and security monitors, inkjet printing and color printers/plotters, lab equipment, and fuel cell technology.

The pump is available with 2- or 4-wire brushless DC motors. Standard offerings include PTFE, FPM, and PPS wetted components.

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TE Connectivity (Darmstadt, Germany) introduced size 21 T7X resolvers for angular position accuracy in a range of industrial servomotors. They are available in most commonly used hollow shaft diameters.

Angular accuracy ranges from typical ±08 or ±10 arcmin to high-precision ±04 arcmin products. The resolvers are available from speed 1 to speed 4, covering 4-kHz to 10-kHz applications.

Different electrical versions are available to support a majority of existing servo drives and servo drive settings. They can be used in environments with temperatures ranging from -55 °C to 150 °C and angular speed up to 20,000 rpm.

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Measurement Systems

New Scale Robotics (Victor, NY) introduced Q-Span™ automated small-part measurement systems for quality control in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing environments. They combine robotic pick-and-place with automated measurement of small parts and integrate into existing workflows, automating the manual process of measuring parts with digital calipers. The systems pick up small parts, measure multiple dimensions, make in-process decisions based on measurements (for example, pass/fail or sort by range), and place each part in the appropriate tray or bin. All data can be recorded to a PC for later analysis and statistical process control. The system can pick small parts weighing up to 3.5 ounces (100 grams) and measuring up to 3.94" (100 mm). Measurement resolution is 0.0001" (2.5 μm) with better than 0.0002" (5 μm) repeatability and 0.0006" (15 μm) accuracy. Each workstation solution includes up to three grippers/calipers with part-specific metrology fingertips, modular trays for parts-in and parts-out, a measurement fixture and zero-reference fixture with gauge block (NIST-traceable artifact), and a work table.

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Extrusion Head

Guill Tool & Engineering (West Warwick, RI) introduced the 500 Series crosshead with mechanically assisted gum space (MAGS) adjustment designed for the flow characteristics of elastomeric compounds. This feature allows the operator to make an adjustment from a single point using a socket wrench. A visual indicator on the core tube allows the operator to see how far the gum space has been moved, making those adjustments repeatable. The hardware-free cam lock design eliminates unbolting and re-securing of fasteners for disassembly and re-assembly. The rubber/silicone crosshead features a cast aluminum liquid-fed cooling sleeve that allows the user to switch out the cooling jacket in the event of a line obstruction. A flow inlet channel reduces the shear and heat generated as materials are being processed.

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Robotic Grippers

OnRobot (Odense, Denmark) introduced the Gecko Single Pad compact, no-mark adhesive gripper for automation applications with small footprints and lower payload. The grippers are available in three sizes — SP1, SP3, and SP5 — indicative of the gripper’s payload in kilos. They can lift a range of flat, smooth, shiny, or perforated surfaces as well as printed circuit boards, aluminum mesh, or head gaskets. The grippers use millions of micro-scaled fibrillar stalks that adhere to a surface using van der Waals forces and require no compressed air or external power. They have no wires or air supply and require little or no programming.

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Desktop Robots

KOGANEI International America (Fremont, CA) offers Cell Master DTRB Series 3-axis desktop robots with an A4 size footprint. They are accurate to ±0.02 mm (0.001 in.) and are portable, weighing 5.5 Kg (12 lbs.). The robots feature a 210 × 300 mm footprint, operation with a teaching box or DTRB Editor, RS-232C connection to an external computer, step motor actuators with microstepping controller, and the option for a fourth axis. Nine models with various configurations are available including 2- and 3-axis Cartesian or gantry models.

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High-Viscosity Pumps

Tacmina USA (Schaumburg, IL) introduced ultra-high-viscosity Smoothflow VPL series pumps that move difficult-to-transfer fluids.

They transfer high-viscosity materials up to and exceeding 300,000 centipoise viscosity at flow rates of up to 10 liters per minute.

The pumps are designed for low-shear handling of fluids with no damage or separation of process material.

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SAKOR Technologies (Owosso, MI) announced a series of dynamometer systems for testing and verifying the level of efficiency of electric motors in accordance with a variety of national and international standards. They can be used to test from two- to eight-pole motors ranging from 10 watts to more than 3 megawatts. The dynamometers are optimized so that individual machines can test the widest possible range of motor sizes and still maintain necessary accuracy tolerances.

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Motor Controller

Beckhoff Automation (Savage, MN) offers the EP7402 EtherCAT Box, a compact controller that is a two-channel motor output stage for BLDC motors used in MDRs, regardless of the conveyor or roller motor vendor. The controller is designed for conveying tasks in intralogistics, packaging, food and beverage, assembly, and many other industries and does not require a protective enclosure. It measures 174 × 60 × 36.5 mm, mounts in standard C-channel or L-brackets directly on the conveyor frame, and supplies both EtherCAT communication and 24 V DC for roller motors and peripheral I/O. Users can daisy chain back to machine controllers. Hybrid B23 cables can carry 28A to distribute power to up to 16 MDRs.

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