Linear Slides

Haydon Kerk Pittman, a business unit of AMETEK® Advanced Motion Solutions (Waterbury, CT), released MiniSlide™ MSA series linear slides with two motor options: a 21-mm size 8 hybrid linear actuator and a 20-mm 19000 series can stack linear actuator. There are nine different lead screw options ranging from ~0.3 to 8 mm, providing resolution down to 0.001524 mm (0.00006") per step, axial forces up to 45N, and accommodating stroke lengths of up to 150 mm. Other options include four different lubrication options, a rotary encoder feedback option, as well as English or metric mounting hardware standards. The slides are designed for single and multi-axis applications.

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Electric Motor

Single Phase Power Solutions (Cincinnati, OH) introduced the Belle Single-Phase Motor™, a 75-hp single-phase electric motor that uses Written-Pole® technology.

The motor minimizes voltage sags on long, single-phase distribution lines and eliminates the need for phase converters or variable-frequency drives.

It features an enclosed fan-cooled design in a cast iron frame for indoor or outdoor installation.

Rated as a 75-hp, 460-V, 1,800-rpm electric motor, it features windings fabricated using high-grade copper and Class H insulation materials and eliminates brushes, slip-rings, and internal rotary switches.

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Harmonic Drive (Beverly, MA) offers HPN Harmonic Planetary® gears in a right-angle configuration.

The helical gears feature backlash of <6 arc minutes (for single-stage) for the life of the gear.

Large radial ball bearings support the output shaft.

Other features include five frame sizes, peak torque of 9 Nm to 752 Nm, ratios of 3:1 to 50:1, and shaft output available with key and center-tapped hole or with center-tapped hole.

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AC Servomotors

Nippon Pulse America (Radford, VA) offers micro direct-drive AC servomotors that come with a built-in encoder (either absolute or incremental) that enables direct fine positioning. The motors are able to bear large loads through a robust bearing arrangement and feature high-energy magnets and power-dense winding technology. The servomotors are available in frame sizes from 13 mm to 70 mm and can support hollow shaft structures. Each frame size is available in three stack lengths for various space requirements. The motor and encoder are integrated into a single unit. Optional motor shafts, cable lengths, and sealing options are available.

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Inclination Sensor

The positilt® PTM27 inclination sensor from ASM Sensors (Elmhurst, IL) measures inclination in the range of 180° with one axis and in the range of 60° with two axes. It offers measuring accuracy with a linearity deviation max of 0.05° and a resolution of 0.005° over the measuring range 360°. The sensor works on a contactless principle without any moveable components. Inside the housing, the sensor electronics are completely encapsulated to protect against moisture, dust, and dirt. An integrated water block prevents capillary moisture ingress along the cable. The sensor housing measures 10 mm in depth, allowing it to be installed in restricted spaces. Digital (CANopen, CAN SAE J1939) and analog outputs are available. For applications subject to high levels of shock and vibration, the sensor is available in a stainless steel housing with gyro-compensated MEMS technology.

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Motion Control Components

Emerson (Charlottesville, VA) announced PACMotion™ servo motion control components that include a motion controller that connects directly into the PACSystems™ RX3i programmable logic controller backplane with synchronized motion for up to 40 coordinated axes. The portfolio includes motion controller, servo motors, servo drives, and motion configuration software. The PACMotion PMM345 motion controller operates exclusively with PACSystems RX3i controllers for seamless integration. Features include jerk-free positioning, preventing material slippage. On-the-fly electronic reconfiguration allows users to implement changeovers without stopping production.

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