Netzer Precision Position Sensors (Misgav, Israel) introduced the VLX-60 Electric Encoders™ that feature an open frame, two-plate design, and tolerance to temperature, shock, EMI, RFI, and magnetic fields. Features include a <10-mm profile, hollow-shaft stator/rotor, no bearings or other contact elements, digital interfaces for absolute position, auto-calibration option, and output reading is the averaged outcome of the entire area of the rotor. Output is digital serial synchronous with absolute position single turn.

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Motion and Automation System

PI, L.P. (Auburn, MA) offers X-417 pre-configured motion and automation systems including EtherCat motion controllers and software. The multi-axis motion subsystem features nanometer resolution and absolute encoders for industrial precision motion applications including automation, test and inspection, medical manufacturing, and semiconductor testing. The XY base system is made of two 3-phase, motor-powered, V-417 linear stages with travel ranges from 204 to 407 mm. The XYZ system includes an L-412 high-load linear stage mounted vertically, providing 4" (102 mm) travel range. The Z-stage is equipped with a synchronous servo motor and a holding brake.

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Quick Disconnect

Beswick Engineering (Greenland, NH) offers the QDM34L series four-line, dry break quick disconnect. The design minimizes dead volume to eliminate leakage when making or breaking connections. Both the internal and external ends include shutoff mechanisms that remain fully closed during disconnection and remain closed until completely connected. They are equipped with a keyed location pin and are available in 303 stainless steel. Each line has an M3 threaded port for connecting fluid lines.

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Slide Guides

NB Corp. (Hanover Park, IL) released SEBS-B type slide guides. All stainless models are suitable for high-temperature applications, clean-rooms, and vacuum environments. They are available in both retained-ball (whose elements allow for easier handling since the guide block may be removed from rail without ball loss) or non-retained ball lines in sizes from 2 mm. Friction-free travel ranges from 104 mm to 1,000 mm.

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Linear Actuators

SureStep stepper motor linear actuators from AutomationDirect (Cumming, GA) are NEMA 17 or NEMA 23 frame stepper motors with a stainless-steel lead-screw extension of the rotor.

In conjunction with the provided screw nut, the actuators translate motor torque into linear thrust. They can provide up to 193 pounds of thrust or speeds up to 18 in/sec.

Eight standard leads (travel per rev) are offered with screw lengths of 6", 9", or 12". Triangular screw nuts are included.

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Multiturn Encoders

POSITAL (Hamilton, NJ) introduced 22-mm multiturn kit encoders for miniature motors and drives. The absolute position feedback devices provide full multiturn measurement capabilities without the need for backup batteries. The rotation counter system is self-powered, so in the event of a power failure or control system outage, the encoder’s counter circuits remain operational, maintaining a record of any rotations that the motor drive shaft experiences. Once power is restored, the motor’s complete rotary position, including rotation count, is forwarded to the central controller. Vendor-neutral SSI and BiSS C communication interfaces are supported.

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Digital Drives

Performance Motion Devices (Westford, MA) announced ION/CME N-Series digital drives that provide motion control, network connectivity, and amplification. They feature a rugged PCB-mountable package with three power output levels of 75, 300, and 1,000 Watts. All drives support brushless DC, DC brush, and step motors. They provide profile generation, servo compensation, stall detection, field-oriented control (FOC), and electronic camming. They support Ethernet, CAN, serial, and SPI communications.

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Extrusion Head

Guill Tool & Engineering (West Warwick, RI) introduced the 500 Series crosshead extrusion head with mechanically assisted gum space adjustment. It is designed for the flow characteristics and processing challenges of elastomeric compounds. The gum space adjustment allows the operator to make an adjustment from a single point using a common socket wrench. The visual indicator on the core tube allows the operator to see how far the gum space has been moved. A half rotation of the cam nut is required to loosen and automatically extract the deflector from the head body.

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Automation System

Methods Machine Tools (Sudbury, MA) offers the JobShop Cell PRO automation solution incorporating a main enclosure with several different pre-engineered end-of-arm and infeed/outfeed options. It features an industrial-grade, articulating FANUC 6-axis robot in an aluminum enclosure that allows a RoboDrill to be placed on the left or right side or in a twin cell with two machines. Removable panels on the common enclosure allow for several different infeed and outfeed options including conveyors, drawers, lazy susan style pallet systems, and interfaces for vibratory and other bulk feeding solutions. The RoboDrill offers multi-axis simultaneous machining with a 10,000 or 24,000 RPM BBT-30 spindle. Customers may choose from a 3, 4, or 5-axis configured RoboDrill and an array of standard hydraulic or pneumatic workholding options.

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Brushless DC Motors

Nanotec (Feldkirchen, Germany) introduced the APBA80 series of brushless DC motors with a rated power of up to 1.000 W. They come standard with integrated encoder or with encoder and brake and are rated IP65. They have a peak torque of 9.6 Nm, a rated speed of 3,000 rpm, and a rated voltage of 48 V. In addition to the standard version with keyway, individual shaft modifications are possible as are customized windings. The control electronics can be tailored to specific applications. The motors are suited for battery-powered applications such as AGVs or service robots and are safe for use in environments where standard AC servos would require additional insulation and safety measures.

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Magnetic Robotic Gripper

OnRobot (Odense, Denmark) offers the MG10 magnetic gripper for material handling, assembly, and machine tending applications. Compatible with all major robot brands, the gripper provides adjustable force and grip detection. It comes with built-in grip and sensors for part detection. The gripper enables durable handling of objects with abrasive, uneven, or perforated surfaces for a variety of applications in the manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace sectors. Its multi-magnet setup enables it to handle a range of sizes, weights, and parts with odd-shaped geometries.

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Servo Motor Drive

Allied Motion Technologies (Amherst, NY) released the H Series brushless servo motor drive with Hiperface DSL, multi-feedback device support, and Safe Torque Off (STO) safety options. The drive features a digital, DSP-based design for motor control and commissioning. Features include power supply of 110 to 240 VAC, rated output power up to 4800 W, rated output current of 12 continuous Arms and 21 peak Arms, and encoder, resolver, and Hall feedback options. Programable digital I/O includes four high-speed discrete I/O EtherCAT, Ethernet, CAN/CANopen, and ±10V analog communication options.

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Solenoid Valves

Emerson (Florham Park, NJ) released ASCO™ Series 256/356 two-way and three-way solenoid valves with a reduced overall footprint to enable OEMs to optimize the internal layout of their equipment, supporting more fluid control options to be integrated into a smaller final product. The valves are available in body materials including lead-free brass, stainless-steel, and an engineered composite material. The valves are dust-tight, IP67-rated, and submersible in up to one meter of water, making them suitable for harsh environments.

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Jaw Couplings

Ruland (Marlborough, MA) introduced zero-backlash jaw couplings that accommodate all forms of misalignment and are customizable. They are well-suited for servo motors used in precise positioning applications found in semiconductor, solar, medical, and robotics. The couplings have a three-piece design comprised of two aluminum hubs and an elastomeric insert “spider,” which is available in three durometers: 98 Shore A, 92 Shore A, and 85 Shore A. Inch, metric, keyed, and keyless hubs with clamp or set screw hardware can be combined to fit user shaft requirements. A proprietary curved jaw profile on the hub tenons that press fit with the spider ensures zero-backlash operation. They are available in bore sizes from ⅛" to ¼" and 3 mm to 32 mm.

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