RiPanel Online Enclosure

RiPanel online enclosure configurator

Rittal North America (Schaumburg, IL) announced the new RiPanel online enclosure configurator — making it easy for machine and control system design engineers to individually configure industrial enclosures. This saves time, helps to prevent errors, increases flexibility with data saving or exporting, and speeds up processes through integrated interfaces. RiPanel online enclosure configurator, industrial enclosure systems can be more easily planned in 3D and configured individually. This solution makes it easier to customize enclosures by adding needed accessories or machining requirements. In addition, engineers can now import and place individual cut-outs on the enclosure, so their customized requirements are easily implemented. RiPanel also provides maximum transparency and consistency throughout the entire engineering and manufacturing processes.

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Frameless Servo Motors

TBM2G series of frameless servo motors

Kollmorgen (Radford, VA) announced the new TBM2G series of frameless servo motors, introducing features that simplify the design of collaborative, surgical, aerospace and defense, and other robots. The TBM2G series offers high-performance torque in an extremely compact electromagnetics package. These next-generation motors enable robots with lower joint weight, higher load-carrying capacity, improved energy efficiency, lower thermal rise, and faster, smoother movements. Frameless torque motors typically deliver their best performance at low speeds but suffer at higher speeds. TBM2G motors remove this limitation through advanced windings and materials that deliver industry-leading power, torque, and efficiency consistently across a wide speed range. The new series motors are sized for a perfect fit with readily available strain wave systems, eliminating the need for extensive customizations. The series is available in seven frame sizes with three stack lengths each — a total of 21 standard motors that can be integrated directly into robotic joints and similar embedded equipment.

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Proximity Switch


Festo (Islandia, NY) introduced the SDBT-MSX — the first programmable proximity switch with automatic switching point setting. With an initial detection range of 20mm, the SDBT-MSX is easy and reliable to install and commission, especially in applications where mounting is difficult. The switch is ideal for all standard applications, including factory automation and the electronics industry/small parts handling. Only two steps are required for installing an SDBT-MSX. The user simply fits the switch in the approximate end stop position within the 20mm detection range (which is marked on the sensor) and connects the cable to the controller. No power supply is needed during installation. During first operation, the proximity switch detects the end position of the piston stroke and automatically learns and remembers the switching point. Alternatively, the switching point of the SDBT-MSX can be taught manually using the capacitive control button. This flexibility can also reduce the variety of sensor types needed to be kept in inventory. SDBT-MSX fits in all drives with a T-slot.

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High-Speed Alignment Software

ABB Robotics software

ABB Robotics (Cary, NC) launched a software solution to transform speed and accuracy in electronics assembly. The software offers manufacturers the ability to increase the speed of 6-axis robots by 70 percent, and accuracy by 50 percent — significantly reducing time-to-market while increasing accuracy levels. The PC-based software includes Visual Servoing technology using one or more cameras, combined with a computer vision system, to control the position of the robot relative to the workpiece. As the robot is moving, the cameras continuously capture image information that the computer vision system processes to cross check and adjust the robotic movements to deliver 0.01mm to 0.02mm precision. ABB’s articulated 6-axis robots are highly flexible for handling complex tasks in tight spaces and can perform a variety of meticulous placement tasks. Minimal programming experience is required, as the software is easy-to-use and has an intuitive user interface. Additionally, the software is compatible with a wide range of cameras, and IRC5 and OmniCore robot controllers, allowing system integrators to adapt existing installations.

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Linear Guides

LWLF2 linear motion rolling guide

Expanding its LWL family of miniature guides, IKO (Parsippany, NJ) introduced its LWLF2 linear motion rolling guide, which addresses the demand for device miniaturization with a compact, lightweight design that makes mounting easy in tight spaces. The new LWLF2 features the same ultra-small 2.5-millimeter height dimension as its predecessor, the LWL1. It is also designed with tapped rails for bottom mounting and stability. As part of IKO’s LWL family of miniature rolling motion guides, the LWLF2 guide is structured with two rows of balls that make contact with the raceway at four points to provide high stability and accuracy — even in applications with varying load direction or complexity. Stainless steel construction is standard, making the new guides desirable in wet environments and applications where rust prevention oil cannot be used, such as in a cleanroom environment. The LWLF2’s rail weighs 2 grams per 100 millimeters of length, and the slide unit weighs 0.21 grams. IKO’s LWL family of miniature linear motion rolling guides is appropriate for robotics and grippers, semiconductor fabrication, life sciences, and aerospace applications.

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Control Cables

LUTZE SILFLEX® FBP control cables

AutomationDirect (Cumming, GA) added LUTZE SILFLEX® FBP control cables, specifically designed to meet all UL and FDA requirements for cabling used in Food and Beverage facilities. The patent-pending food-safe design of these cables has been evaluated by third-party tester Ecolab for resistance to commonly used cleaning agents and reduction of contamination risk. LUTZE SILFLEX ® cables are available in sizes ranging from 20AWG to 12AWG and in shielded and unshielded versions. The Phthalate-free jacket is resistant to oils and fats that are common to food processing, and reduced cable diameters allow for easy routing and installation in conduit. Cables may be run without conduit in some areas due to the external wiring approval, washdown certification, and food-contact rating.

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Industrial Gear Units

MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units

NORD’s (Waunakee, WI) MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units provide high output torques from 132,000 lb-in to 2,200,000 lb-in and are perfect for use in heavy duty applications such as bucket elevators, agitators, conveyor belt drives, mixers, mills, drums, or crushers. Industrial gear units are available as parallel helical gear units or bevel gear units. They are constructed according to the UNICASE design principle which was developed by NORD. Optimized geometries ensure excellent load capacity, long service life, and quiet operation. The industrial gear units are equipped with high quality, low friction bearings, and an especially torsionally rigid one-piece UNICASE housing. Extensive input options and mounting designs ensure optimal application versatility.

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Condition Monitoring Software

Zedi Cloud SCADA

Emerson (St. Louis, MO) has improved the scalability, data protection, and threat intelligence of its Zedi Cloud SCADA software-as-a-service control platform by moving it to the Microsoft ® Azure cloud platform. The more robust cloud host enables customers to securely scale their supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems quickly and easily to achieve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments, better safeguard critical business assets, and empower users to adapt their operations to changing requirements while mitigating risks and operational costs. Emerson’s Zedi Cloud SCADA platform uses advanced automation and software, including proven machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to build predictive models that lead to autonomous operations over time, helping support sustainability efforts in oil and gas, water/wastewater ,and other data-intensive industries. Critical data from those predictive models can then be stored in an operation’s data historian to more easily track and trend performance and emissions and demonstrate compliance to regulators.

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Compliance Test Automation Software

Compliance test automation software

New compliance test automation software from Rohde & Schwarz (Columbia, MD) for IEEE 802.3 cable assemblies allows for precise and time-saving compliance tests of high-speed cables and backplanes according to the IEEE 802.3bj, by, ccl and ck standards. The R&S ZNrun vector network analyzer automation suite controls a vector network analyzer and a switching solution from Rohde & Schwarz to provide automated testing of high-speed Ethernet cable assemblies, considerably reducing the testing time and potential errors compared to manual Ethernet cable assembly test methods. The solution includes the automation of the measurement, postprocessing of Channel Operating Margin (COM) and Effective Return Loss (ERL) results, Pass/Fail and margin analysis and the generation of the test report, thus drastically reducing the overall test time.

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Belt-Driven Linear Actuators

SMART SYSTEM belt-driven linear actuators

Rollon (Hackettstown, NJ) has updated its SMART SYSTEM lineup of belt-driven linear actuators with a rugged new design that supports heavy loads and ensures low maintenance operation in automated manufacturing, packaging machines and food and beverage equipment. The actuators have a self-sustaining anodized aluminum frame and a steel reinforced driving belt, and they are engineered to provide stiffness for greater load capacity. Symmetrical heads on both ends of the actuators allow users to assemble the gearbox in one of four different positions. The SMART SYSTEM is designed to make it easy for customers to create multi-axis systems such as a two-axis Y-Z system, two parallel axis system or a three-axis X-Y-Z system using simple brackets and plates. Rollon offers three types of SMART SYSTEM actuators to suit various motion and installation requirements. Each delivers an exceptional price-quality ratio, while their heavy-duty construction ensures high performance and keeps maintenance costs low.

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Voice-Coil Actuator

GVCM-051-089-02 Linear Voice Coil Actuator

A high force-to-size ratio is just one of the many features of Moticont’s (Van Nuys, CA) GVCM-051-089-02 Linear Voice Coil Actuator with Built-in Bearing. Applying up to 66.4 N (14.9 lbs) of continuous force and 210 N (47.2 lbs) of peak force, this linear voice coil actuator or moving coil actuator features high speed, high acceleration/deceleration, and zero backlash. It exhibits very high accuracy, and high repeatability if a position sensor is used. This clean, quiet, efficient, low inertia, non-commutated linear actuator features high reliability and is ideal for: medical devices, work holding and clamping, assembly equipment, testing, sorting, laser machining and drilling, wafer handling, optical focusing, dynamic vibration absorption, scanners, laser beam steering, filtering, and antenna positioning.

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