Machine Vision Cameras

Vision Research (Wayne, NJ) has introduced the Phantom® S210 and S200, 2Gpx/sec (16 Gbps) machine vision cameras. The S210 reaches 1,730 frames per second (fps) at full 1.3Mpx resolution, while the S200 achieves 7,000 fps at full 0.3Mpx VGA resolution. Both cameras leverage sensors currently used in Phantom Miro C cameras.

The S210 and S200 both use up to four CoaXPress (CXP6) channels to reach 2Gpx/sec throughput. Both are GenICam compliant and stream directly into PCI Express frame grabbers. The cameras also feature a general-purpose input/output (GPIO), for fast and flexible signaling and synchronization. These include signals beneficial in standard high-speed applications, such as Time Code In/Out, along with a host of other signals commonly found in streaming applications, such as Trigger, strobe, and event marking.

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Ruggedized Lenses

Fujifilm (Kleve, Germany) announced an update of its popular DF/HF-HA-1B series lenses to ruggedized versions equipped with the unique Fujinon “Anti-shock and Vibration” technology. Demand for quality optics in ruggedized versions continues to increase and the designated DF/HF-HA-1S is designed to meet that demand.

The Fujinon HF-HA-1B series lenses have an external diameter of only 29.8 mm. The Fujinon HF-HA-1S upgrade provides vibration mitigation and shock absorption within the existing design, so the compact form factor remains. These lenses are compatible with image sensors up to 2/3” in a broad selection of focal lengths (6, 9, 12.5, 16, 25, 35, 50, and 75mm). The optical performance of the upgraded series is identical to that of the Fujinon HF-HA-1B, which the new series will be replacing.

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Photovoltaic Junction Box

TE Connectivity (TE) (Darmstadt, Germany) announced the new SOLARLOK PV Edge decentralized junction box that can be attached to glass-to-glass photovoltaic panels without drilling holes. The SOLARLOK PV Edge is the first junction box on the market that can be mounted on the edge of the PV panel without the panel manufacturer having to drill any holes or use a potting resin that can take over six hours to cure. The flaps on the box are available in different shoulder heights to fit panels of diverse thicknesses. The connectorized design of the SOLARLOK PV Edge enables maximum installation flexibility with custom length PV4-S cable jumpers.

Other important features of the new junction box include: a lid with cooling ribs to improve heat dissipation; elimination of X-connect to facilitate lay-outs; shorter foil lengths; and defined bottom roughness that eliminates the need for pretreatment of the product. The junction box is available in East-West and North-South rail directions to cover all possible module layouts. It is an IEC & UL approved 1500V solution.

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CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kit

Critical Link (Syracuse, NY) announced its latest embedded imaging solution, the MityCAM-C50000, that serves as the official evaluation platform for the CMV50000 CMOS image sensor from ams/CMOSIS. The global shutter sensor features 47.5 MP resolution (7920 pixels × 6004 pixels) at 30 frames per second, with mono and RGB color options, low dark noise, and high dynamic range. The sensor outputs in subLVDS mode and provides special capabilities in binning, subsampling, and on-chip corrections.

The MityCAM-C50000 provides multiple interfaces including USB3 Vision® and HDMI preview as standard, with custom options to include CoaXPress, Camera Link, GigE Vision®, and others. The system is based on an open architecture embedded processing design utilizing Critical Link's MitySOM-A10S image processing board. The board features Intel's Arria 10 SoC with dual core Cortex-A9 ARMs and up to 480KLE user-programmable FPGA fabric, DDR4 memory, and 12 high-speed transceiver pairs.

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Fiber Laser Process Monitoring Tool

The new HighLight SQD option for Coherent (Santa Clara, CA) HighLight fiber lasers provides cutting and welding systems integrators with a turnkey, simple to use and cost-effective means to implement process monitoring. The HighLight SQD comprises process sensors integrated directly into Coherent's special fiber laser connectors, which detect back reflected laser power and visible spectrum process emissions. These signals, which are provided in either analog or digital CAN bus form (at a 2 kHz sampling rate), can be used to detect various key process events. For cutting, these include piercing end, cut interruption, and self-burning during piercing. For welding, the HighLight SQD can indicate incomplete penetration (due to insufficient power at workpiece, focal shift or material changes), blow holes, contamination, gap detection for overlap joints, and other process instabilities.

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Miniature Optical Encoder

The E4T and S4T miniature optical encoders from US Digital (Vancouver, WA) are now available at higher resolutions. With two new CPRs of 512 and 1,000, resolution has successfully been doubled while keeping the housing unchanged. Utilizing state-of-the-art transmissive optical sensing technology, these newly announced resolutions now support applications requiring up to 4,000 pulses per revolution.

The E4T line of encoders is available in both single-ended and differential signal outputs for applications where noise immunity is critical. Moreover, the 512 and 1,000 CPR options retain the E4T's simple and efficient, push-on hub disk assembly process, helping US Digital customers keep installation time, assembly cost and complexity to a minimum.

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Low-Profile Chassis Mount Heat Sink Resistor

New Yorker Electronics (Northvale, NJ) released the RCD Components miniature 300W non-inductive, low-profile chassis mount resistors in both the CM300 and CM300L Series. RCD Components developed the CM300 and CM300L Series for power supply manufacturers looking to save space, height and weight. The RCD CM300 is rated up to 300 Watts and is less than 1/10 the size and weight of a conventional RE80 250W chassis mount resistor, and less than half the height of an SOT227 package. It is essentially vibration-proof and with insulation ratings up to 5 KV.

RCD's CM300 series is non-inductive and features a wide range of resistance values (0.1 ohm to 1 Meg). The CM300 model features .187-inch male quick-connect terminals and the CM300L features flexible insulated leads with a range of customized terminations. Other features include burn-in, military screening and numerous design modifications including different diameters, lengths, materials, values, markings, lead/Pb terminations and others.

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