Chromasens (Constance, Germany) has announced the allPIXA™ pro color line scan CCD camera for high-speed machine vision applications. The allPIXA pro, with line rates up to 92 kHz in standard models and up to 156 kHz in special OEM configurations, allows for a maximum 300% increase in speed compared to conventional CCD line scan cameras when used in Camera Link Full mode. It also has improved responsivity, thanks to upgraded tri-linear CCD sensors, while retaining the best legacy features of the original Chromasens allPIXA in a new more compact footprint. Several models are available in resolutions from 2048 × 3 to 7300 × 3 pixels.

Chromasens allPIXA pro cameras offer excellent color accuracy. Continuous white balancing compensates for minute color differences in different types of light, while a full range of programmable features offer precise control over key performance variables. In addition, the camera can be mounted in multiple angles, thanks to its internal keystone correction.

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