Chromasens GmbH (Konstanz, Germany) has introduced the Chromasens 10k and 15k allPIXA wave cameras. The 102 × 100 × 56 mm allPIXA wave 15k camera offers a maximum line rate of 15360 pixels × 3 to 18.4 kHz (55 kHz mono). The 102 × 76 × 56 mm allPIXA wave 10k model has a maximum color line rate of 10240 pixels × 3 up to 27.6 kHz (82 kHz mono).

Internal keystone correction allows for multiple angle positioning of the camera, while a simplified graphical user interface and an integrated test image generator supports easier setup and diagnostic functions. Additional features include multiple color conversion matrix and continuous white balancing. Little spatial distance between each of the sensor’s three native color (RGB) lines enables precise color registration, enhanced edge sharpness, and a reduction in “halo” image distortion.

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