Ophir Photonics Group (Logan, UT), a Newport Corporation, recently announced the RM9-PD Radiometer, a sensor for measuring the power of very low level CW or quasi CW sources. The RM9-PD integrates a photodiode sensor and an 18Hz chopper into an easy-to-use system that measures very low powers. The sensor is calibrated over the entire range of wavelengths, from 0.2μm to 1.1μm, not just a single wavelength. The sensor features a digitally synthesized lock-in amplifier that reduces external noise to a minimum, allowing it to measure power levels from 300fW to 300nW.

Designed for detecting very low power radiation, the RM9-PD Radiometer features an 8 mm aperture and fast response time (3.6s with display). To display measurements, the RM9-PD Radiometer can connect directly to any standard Ophir meter or PC interface. The RM9-PD works with Ophir’s StarLite, Nova II, and Vega smart displays, and Juno PC interface. The sensor also works with the StarViewer app that brings laser power/energy measurements to Android smartphones and tablets.

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