Hamamatsu Corporation (Bridgewater, NJ) has expanded its LCOS SLM (Liquid Crystal on Silicon – Spatial Light Modulator) family with its X13138 series. Featuring higher resolution (1272 × 1024 pixels) and the precise phase control required to create complex light patterns, this spatial light modulator uses LCOS technology in which a direct and accurate voltage controls a liquid crystal layer that modulates the wavefront of the light beam. Phase modulation is changed according to the alignment of the liquid crystal but without changing the intensity and rotation of the polarization state.

The X13138 provides highly efficient light utilization from a variety of points of view such as reflectivity, diffraction efficiency, and aperture ratio. In addition, the X13138 works well with high average power lasers when used with a cooler. For enhanced control, this easy-to-use SLM connects to a PC’s Digital Video Interface (DVI).

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