Fiber Optic Center, Inc., (FOC) (New Bedford, MA), recently announced a new line of fiber blowing machines. The MINIFLOW RAPID is compact and efficient, capable of installing fiber cable at speeds up to 100 m/min, and up to a distance of 3.5 km. MULTIFLOW is for blowing multiple and many different combinations of duct and micro ducts.

It is possible to install micro ducts and fiber cables using either air or water. MICROFLOW has a unique protection technology that stops the machine if the fiber cable meets an obstacle. The stop occurs because the cable gets bent inside the blowing machine, this is registered by a sensor and the motor stops. The machine will also stop automatically if the motor exceeds the preset maximum torque level. In both cases the machine stops immediately so the fiber cable does not get damaged. POWERFLOW can blow cables with a speed up to 80 m/min. It is possible to blow distances up to 10 km and install fiber optic cables using either air or water.

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This article first appeared in the May, 2016 issue of Photonics & Imaging Technology Magazine.

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