Molex, LLC (Lisle, IL) offers its Polymicro Technologies™ Optical Multi-Leg Assemblies and Fused Bundles for a variety of applications. The bundle assemblies are custom configured for analytical and industrial optical requirements, including biotechnology and pharmaceutical diagnostic equipment, semiconductor fabrication and inspection, and laser welding and marking.

The Fused Bundles, a new product series added to Polymicro’s capabilities, maximizes the number of fibers in a bundle, while minimizing wasted space. Designed for use in high temperature applications requiring high power density, lamps, and lasers, the fused bundling eliminates epoxy, fluorescence, and interstitial spaces common in multi-fiber bundles.

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Photonics & Imaging Technology Magazine

This article first appeared in the May, 2016 issue of Photonics & Imaging Technology Magazine.

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