XIMEA (Golden, CO) offers the xiSpec Hyperspectral Multi-Linescan Camera, which includes a line-wise arrangement of 150 HSI bands between 470 and 900 nm. Objects can be moved orthogonally to the horizontal color filters of a mounted camera, e.g., on a conveyor belt. Additionally, the camera can be attached to a UAV.

A high-speed multi-linescan capability allows up to 1020 lines/sec. The device is compliant with Windows, Linux and Mac OS drivers, SDK, and USB 3.0 micro-B with screw-lock. The 26.4 × 26.4 × 31 mm camera weighs 32 grams and is available as a single-PCB, board-level version.

For Free Info Visit: http://info.hotims.com/61063-141