The FireBird Camera Link Deca board frame grabber from Active Silicon (Iver, UK) is now available in two form factors: a full-height version with front panel IO and a low-profile/half-height version. The low-profile design allows the FireBird Low Profile board to be used in small embedded PC enclosures and rack-mount cases where full-height PC cards are not suitable. A full-height bracket option is available for use in standard PC form-factor enclosures.

The new FireBird Camera Link Deca board conforms to the latest version 2.0 Camera Link specification, including both 80 bit modes: 8 bit 10-tap and 10 bit 8-tap — often referred to as Camera Link “Deca,” at clock rates up to 85 MHz. The Gen2 x4 PCIe bus sustains a continuous 1.7Gbytes/s throughput.

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