Laserglow Technologies (Toronto, Canada) has developed the Cyanea™ Series of Collimated Diode Lasers that are tuned to emit low optical noise, low duty cycle, and clean pulse shapes in the 470 nm spectral range, which coincides with the peak excitation wavelength for Channelrhodopsin-2 (ChR2).

The new Cyanea™ series has inherently low optical noise, modulates very clean and swift, as well as allows complete control over the beam parameters including very low duty cycles (due to the fast rise/fall times emitted directly from the diode).

Optogenetics methods allow targeting of specific neuronal populations to trigger specific cellular behaviour using lightbased stimulation. The light-sensitivity of neurons depends on the presence of light-sensitive proteins (known as opsins) impinged upon the target cells. Opsins are available in two varieties; stimulating versus inhibitory. Many opsins used to switch on cell activity have their peak sensitivity at 470 nm.

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