Vision Sensors EVT’s (Karlsruhe, Germany) new EyeSens vision sensors are available as greyscale or color camera and integrate easily into existing systems. A variety of available resolutions makes it possible for EyeSens sensors to detect even the most delicate patterns. The EyeSens vision sensors can be used for various applications, such as presence check, code reading (QR, DMC, bar code), measurement technology, color inspection, pattern matching, object detection, etc.

The EyeVision image processing software is already integrated into the EyeSens hardware, which guarantees a short installation time. Programming the sensors is simple and takes just a few steps with the drag-and-drop functionality of the EyeVision software. Simply drag an icon into the so-called Program Editor in the graphical user interface, and after that the user can disconnect from the PC and the inspection program runs on the vision sensor.

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Photonics & Imaging Technology Magazine

This article first appeared in the November, 2016 issue of Photonics & Imaging Technology Magazine.

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