Amplification Technologies Corp. (“ATC”) (Bensalem, PA) announced the availability of a new family of Discrete Amplification Photon Detector (DAPD) Geiger mode avalanche photodiode arrays for 3D LIDAR and other applications. LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) range finding systems have been in use for many years for civil and defense applications, measuring distance using a pulse of a laser beam aimed toward an object and measuring the time of flight of the reflected beam.

Amplification Technologies’ 5×5 (25 pixel) DAPD array offers single-photon level detection ability, wide dynamic range, and a wide linearity range, and an extremely high repetition rate of up to 50MHz. In addition, the DAPD array can operate in an always-on mode with fast response. The DAPD array uses discrete amplification photon detector (DAPD) technology, which monolithically integrates a negative feedback circuit within the photodetector to create very high sensitivity.

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