Sony Pregius Sensor

FRAMOS (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) now offers the Sony IMX392, a 1/2.3 type of imager with a square 1920 (h) × 1200 (v) active pixel array. The sensor has a pixel size of 3.45μm and is available in both color and monochrome versions. FRAMOS provides these sensors along with any support you need to get them integrated into your camera. The IMX392 using Sony's Pregius Global Shutter sensor technology provides 2.3 Megapixels, and runs at 167 fps @10 bits or 200 fps @ 8 bits.

Vision engineers can even improve the image quality in their applications by using the different read-out modes offered by the sensor, such as 2×2 vertical FD binning. In this mode, for example, the sensor allows the summing of neighboring pixels to provide a “super pixel” that helps when under low light conditions. The sensor comes with an 8/10/12 bit A/D converter and image data is transferred over a low voltage sub-LVDS interface.

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Embedded SOMs & Development Kits

Critical Link's (Syracuse, NY) MitySOM-A10S is the newest addition to the company's line of industrial-performance embedded modules. The system on module (SOM) family is designed with the Intel/Altera Arria 10 SoC, which features dual core Cortex-A9 ARMs and up to 480KLE user-programmable FPGA fabric. In addition to the processor, the innovative module includes on-board power supplies, two DDR4 RAM memory subsystems, micro SD card, a USB 2.0 on the go (OTG) port, and a temperature sensor. The MitySOM-A10S Development Kit is now available from Critical Link and its distributors to offer developers a jumpstart on their projects. The MitySOM-5CSx family, based on the Intel/Altera Cyclone V SoC processor, is also available.

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Ultra-High-Resolution Digital Imaging System

Designed to capture 11-million pixel resolution images, the Specialised Imaging (Pitstone, UK) SIR3 ballistics range camera provides more detail than any other high-speed camera in its class. A high-speed 1-Gbps Ethernet link enables the SIR3 to be easily integrated into almost any imaging environment. Comprehensive operational software provides simple control of imaging parameters and extensive measurement tools to accurately analyze results. Image archiving in a wide range of industry standard file formats is supported. For situations where more complex measurements are required, several SIR3 cameras can be operated from a single control computer with timings for all cameras linked to the same control screen. The rigid all-metal IP54 compliant construction of the compact SIR3 makes it ideally suited to withstand even the harshest outdoor environment.

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Blue Laser Scanning Sensor

Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence division (North Kingstown, RI) launched its first blue laser scanning sensor for creating point clouds, the HP-L-5.8. The HP-L-5.8 performs equally well when taking point cloud measurements from dark or shiny surfaces. Designed to be rugged and compact, it protects the sensor from collisions and vibrations and is ideal for use in areas where accessibility is restricted, as well as on smaller CMMs.

The HP-L-5.8 is seamlessly compatible with Hexagon CMMs that use PC-DMIS 2018 R2 and subsequent versions of the software and works with an automatic indexing probe head or continuous wrist, making it easy to operate for users of tactile probing tools.

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Laser White Light Fiber Module

LASER COMPONENTS USA (Bedford, NH) recently demonstrated for the first time the ALBALUX FM, world's first laser white light module with bright and highly directional fiber optic output for precise and contrast-rich illumination in next-generation medical and machine vision applications. A key component of ALBALUX FM is the LaserLight technology from SLD Laser. Based on GaN semi-polar blue laser diodes, LaserLight generates brilliant white light that is more than 10 times higher in luminance than today's LEDs, yet with minimal power consumption and long lifetime.

To maximize light transmission and precise beam directivity, optical fibers are incorporated that enable unprecedented >150 lumen CW output with sharp narrow edges. This results in enhanced vision that provides faster processing times and more reliable monitoring on the manufacturing floor, and improved diagnostics and patient outcome in medicine.

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MWIR Camera Cores

FLIR Systems (Meer, Belgium) has announced three new Neutrino™ midwave infrared (MWIR) camera cores: the small, lightweight FLIR Neutrino LC and two FLIR Neutrino Performance series cores, the SX12 and QX. The Neutrino LC is FLIR's first High Operating Temperature (HOT) MWIR camera core and the first model in the SWaP+C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost) series. As the smallest, lightest, and lowest power consuming Neutrino model available, the LC can be integrated with smaller drones and allow drone operators to fly longer.

The two new Neutrino Performance series products, the Neutrino SX12 and the Neutrino QX, offer the highest-resolution MWIR performance from FLIR. The Neutrino SX12 produces high-definition (HD) thermal imaging video, while Neutrino QX, with more than 3.1 megapixels, is FLIR's highest resolution MWIR core. Both Neutrino Performance models provide crisp imagery at long distances while maintaining a wide field of view and are ideal for ground-based or airborne intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), and counter-drone solutions.

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Time-Resolved Spectrometer

PicoQuant (Berlin, Germany) recently introduced its plug-and-play time-resolved spectrometer FluoTime 250, a luminescence spectrometer that makes acquiring time-resolved data as simple as plugging it in and start measuring. The FluoTime 250 uses picosecond pulsed laser diodes and LEDs from PicoQuant's LDH and PLS series, covering a spectral range from 255 to 1550 nm. All excitation sources are controlled via a PDL 820 laser driver, which allows not only varying output power and repetition rates (up to 80 MHz) but also supports burst mode for selected laser heads.

The FluoTime 250 can be equipped with a single photon counting detector from either the PMA or PMA Hybrid Series. These detectors offer picosecond temporal resolutions and cover different spectral ranges between 180 and 920 nm. For studies in the near infrared, a PMT module with sensitivity from 950 to 1400 nm is also available. Each detector includes an electromechanical shutter, active cooling, and overload protection.

All components (attenuators, polarizers and filter wheel) in the optical beam paths are motorized and controlled by the EasyTau 2 software. Emission wavelength selection is implemented via a motorized filter wheel equipped with various cutoff or bandpass filters as selected by the customer. An optional monochromator is available for the UV/VIS spectral range.

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Scanner Controls

OEM laser deflection and positioning systems manufacturer SCANLAB GmbH (Puchheim, Germany) has added more materials-processing power control capabilities to XL SCAN, the combined solution for simultaneously controlling scan heads and XY stages. For specialized industrial ultra-short pulse (USP) lasers, these new features and algorithms offer control capabilities such as: constant pulse intervals, deflection-angle-dependent energy densities or controlled laser power settings.

Laser processing is often constrained by a scanner's image field. Large-scale processing traditionally gets performed stepwise via individual image fields, called ‘tiles’. This method bears the risk of longer process times and stitching errors, i.e. misaligned marking at image field boundaries. To overcome this problem, SCANLAB and ACS Motion Control last year introduced a new scan concept. XL SCAN and the jointly developed syncAXIS control software enable simultaneous control of an excelliSCAN scan head and a mechanical XY stage with two servo axes. This solution employs an RTC6 control board to transmit motion profiles to both stage and scanner. The application's precision is thereby limited solely by the stage's and scanner's precision – the control itself introduces no additional error.

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GigE Vision Cameras

LUCID Vision Labs, Inc., (Richmond, BC, Canada) has announced the addition of three new Triton GigE Vision camera models featuring Sony's global and rolling shutter CMOS image sensors. The new 2.3 MP, 12.2 MP and 20 MP Triton camera models have now been moved into series production. These models include the monochrome and color versions of the 2.3 MP Sony Pregius IMX392 global shutter CMOS sensor, as well as the 12.2 MP Sony IMX226 and 20 MP IMX183 rolling shutter CMOS sensors featuring Sony's Exmor R Starvis technology. The 12.2 and 20 MP rolling shutter sensors use Sony's back-illuminated technology providing excellent low-light performance and a high quantum efficiency (85% peak QE).

The M12 Ethernet and M8 I/O connectors provide a robust connection resistant to shock and vibration and are protected from dirt, dust, and water. The Triton camera has a wide operating temperature ranging from -20°C to 55°C ambient, ensuring reliable operation in challenging conditions.

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Precision Laser Machines

The first offering in Coherent's (Santa Clara, CA) new ExactSeries of fine materials processing equipment, ExactCut micromachining systems combine intelligence, integration, and interconnectivity for precision cutting of metals, alloys, sapphire, polycrystalline diamond (PCD), and ceramics. ExactCut ships with pre-programmed process parameters for the desired application.

ExactCut systems combine the latest generation of pulsed fiber laser sources (300 W/3 kW pulse peak), a high stability granite motion module, and a sophisticated human interface. The intelligent and intuitive software simplifies the entry of parameter and process recipes; this is particularly valuable for short or prototype production runs and rapid changeovers. The ExactCut is designed for easy integration into high volume production, with a variety of interfaces for specialty tooling, rotary or linear stages, part handling robotics, and conveyor belts.

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