Fully Automated Beam Monitoring System

Ophir-Spiricon (North Logan, UT) has announced Ophir® BeamWatch® Integrated, a fully automated, non-contact laser measurement system designed to measure critical beam parameters in industrial production environments. BeamWatch Integrated is a patented, non-contact profiling system that captures and analyzes industrial lasers for wavelengths from 980nm - 1080nm and laser powers to 10 kW (30 kW, on request). The system provides real-time beam measurements of lasers that are typically too powerful for direct readings. Instead, it measures Rayleigh Scattering using a pass-through beam measurement technique that involves no contact between the instrument and the beam. Beam parameters measured include focus spot width and location, focal shift, centroid, M2, divergence, beam parameter product, Rayleigh length, beam tilt angle, and absolute power.

BeamWatch Integrated monitors high power YAG, fiber, and diode lasers in the 980-1080nm range. It charts all beam measurements over time in industrial material processing applications. High magnification optics measure beams with spot sizes down to less than 80 μm or less, allowing for smaller, more precise cuts with less waste of material.

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Low Profile XY Stage

The AU200-100 × 100-SC (Solid Core) Stage is the newest addition to the expanding line of precision XY stages from OES (Optimal-Engineering Systems, Inc.) (Van Nuys, CA). The linear travel of the X and Y axes is 100 mm × 100 mm (3.937 in. × 3.937 in.) and the resolution of the X and Y axes is 20 microns (non-micro-step) or 1 micron (20 micro-steps per step motor driver in use), the typical repeatability is 2 microns, and the typical positional accuracy is 3 microns. A low profile XY stage measuring just 80 mm (3.150 in.) high with a compact footprint (including the motors) of 348 mm × 348 mm (13.701 in. × 13.701 in.).

Preloaded V-groove and crossed roller bearings and ground 4 mm per-turn lead screws having just 2 microns of backlash, all contribute to the high precision and stiffness of the AU200-100 × 100-SC Stage. The table of XY stage measures 300 mm × 300 mm (11.811 in × 11.811 in.) and has a precision pattern of 21 drilled and threaded mounting holes to easily add special tooling or fixtures, and for easy integration into new and existing applications. Additional tooling plates are also available for custom and interchangeable applications.

High-Speed Video Camera

nac Image Technology (Simi Valley, CA) announced a new 40 gigapixel per second high-speed video camera called Acies, or ACS for short. The new MEMRECAM ACS comes fully equipped with 1280 × 800 (1 MP) resolution at 40,000 fps, over 500,000 fps at reduced resolution, and 50,000 ISO. The MEM-RECAM ACS’ superior capabilities include high resolution, high frame rates, high light sensitivity, fast data transfer rates, and user selectable bit depth.

ACS utilizes a proprietary CMOS global shutter, 28.16 mm × 19.71 mm, all active pixels. Image triggered by intensity shifts sensed at the minimum area of 21 × 16 pixel. Power is 20 - 32 VDC. Overall dimensions are 175 mm (W) × 175 mm (H) × 206 mm (D) and the camera weighs approximately 7.3 kg.

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UV Picosecond Laser

MKS Instruments, Inc. (Andover, MA) introduces its Spectra-Physics® IceFyre® 355-30, a high-power, industrial UV picosecond hybrid fiber laser featuring TimeShift™ ps programmable pulse flexibility, pulse-on-demand and position synchronized output (PSO) triggering. IceFyre 355-30 is the industry's smallest UV picosecond laser in its class and combines power supply and laser head in a rugged, compact package for easy integration into machine tools. The new laser is ideal for cold micromachining in high-throughput manufacturing of 5G flexible printed circuits (FPC), flat panel OLED displays, solar cells, ceramics, plastics, and other materials and devices.

Adding to the successful family of IceFyre picosecond lasers, IceFyre 355-30 delivers >30W average power and up to >60 μJ pulse energy typical at 355 nm with adjustable repetition rates from single shot up to 3 MHz. The new laser's TimeShift™ ps programmable pulse capability results in flexible burst mode operation with adjustable burst shape, pulse separation and number of pulses in a burst, all with high UV power available.

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4-Channel Oscilloscope

Anritsu Company (Allen, TX) has introduced a 4-channel sampling oscilloscope option for its BERTWave™ MP2110A, creating a comprehensive single-instrument solution that integrates an oscilloscope and 100G BERT. With the option, the BERTWave can accurately evaluate the physical layer performance of 100G/400G optical transceiver modules, active optical cables (AOCs), direct attach cables (DAC), and high-speed optical devices used in data centers, core/metro networks, 4G/5G mobile backhaul, and 5G mobile fronthaul.

The BERTWave MP2110A, with the sampling oscilloscope option installed, supports various technologies, including NRZ/PAM4 signaling formats, as well as different wavelengths.

The built-in oscilloscope and BERT solution allows engineers to select 1, 2, or 4 channels, so it can be used during development and manufacturing of 100G/400G optical devices. The new sampling oscilloscope has best-in-class sensitivity supporting wide optical signal analysis from 25 Gbaud NRZ to 53 Gbaud PAM4 with a built-in clock recovery option.

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Vertical Displacement Microscope

Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, New York, announces the introduction of its new model ZDM-3 vertical displacement microscope to measure minute variations in height. The Z-Axis electronic depth measuring microscope features a built-in LED co-axial illuminator to allow the user to focus on the top or bottom of the part being inspected. The illuminator includes a green filter and is adjustable to control light, color, and intensity.

The new ZDM-3 is available with magnifications from 50 × to 400 × with a standard 10 × eyepiece and 100 × to 800 × magnifications with an optional 20 × eyepiece. Titan Tool states that the ZDM-3 can be fitted with a video adapter (Model TSTVA-12 available separately) to increase magnification range and to provide greater accuracy and ease of repeatability (from 0.0002-in. to 0.0003-in. or better). The use of the video adapter also relieves eye strain and allows for multi-viewing.

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Fiber-Optic Transmitters

TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, is launching the OPF350A and OPF352A evolved fiber optic transmitter solutions based on 850nm LED technology. The OPF350A and OPF352A are equivalent alternatives to the existing OPF370A and OPF372A products and come with the same ST-style package. The new fiber optic transmitters also improve performance with up to 8% more optical power with various fiber sizes such as 50/125μm-200/300μm.

The OPF350A in TO-18 package is chosen for applications that demand high thermal stability across the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +100°C and offers a robust alternative to the OPF370A in addition to shorter lead times. The OPF352A in the ST-style receptacle is suitable for PCB or panel mounting. It is supplied pre-mounted, pre-tested with fiber to assure performance, and ready to use, with essential fixings and a protective dust cap included.

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Camera with CoaXPress 2.0 Interface

With the Basler boost series, Basler (Ahrensburg, Germany) is one of the first camera manufacturers on the market to expand its portfolio with a camera featuring the CoaXPress 2.0 standard and modern CMOS sensor technology. The camera delivers high resolutions and high frame rates with a cable length of up to 40m. Basler also offers a combination of camera and matching interface card from a single source in the form of the Basler boost bundle.

Thanks to the upcoming CoaXPress 2.0 standard (or CXP 2.0), the Basler boost cameras achieve a maximum bandwidth of up to 12.5 Gbps with a single CXP cable. The precise triggering with the CXP cable eliminates the need for a separate I/O cable, making a single-cable solution possible in combination with power-over-CXP (PoCXP).

Basler combines this advancement in interface technology with the best which the current CMOS sensor landscape has to offer: an optional Sony IMX253 or IMX255 sensor delivers resolutions of 12 or 9 megapixels respectively with maximum frame rates of 68 fps or 93 fps.

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Display Unit for Remote Spectral Detector

Gigahertz-Optik's CSS-45 Remote Spectral Detector can now be used with its new CSS-D display unit or operated by itself through PC connection under software control. Gigahertz-Optik's CSS-D Display Unit provides convenient handheld operation and control of a remote CSS-45 spectroradiometer head for the precise measurement of spectral irradiance (360-830nm), comprehensive photometric and colorimetric data as well as application specific data such as PAR PPFD.

The CSS-45 Remote Spectral Detector can be used directly connected to PC under its own supplied software control, connected to the CSS-D Display Unit as a self-contained light-color-PAR-spectral meter or CSS-D plus CSS-45 connected to PC using same software. An internal shutter normally found in the most advanced spectrometers automates dark level measurements, thereby facilitating accurate remote operation over extended periods.

500-Watt Blue Laser

NUBURU (Centennial, CO) announced the release of its new 500-Watt 450nm AO-500 industrial laser, bringing the power of blue light to deeper materials processing applications. Gold, aluminum, and copper are among the metals that absorb blue light much more than they do the infrared wavelengths of conventional industrial lasers. High power is only part of the story, however, because the efficiency and quality of materials processing applications are driven by power density. Increasing power density by a factor of four increases weld depth more than one-and-a-half times and increases the weld speed three to four times. The AO-500's beam parameter product is less than 30-mm-mrad, which enables rapid defect-free copper welding, and welding dissimilar metals with minimal formation of undesirable intermetallics in the joint.

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