High-Speed Image Sensor

ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ) has announced the introduction of the ARX3A0 digital image sensor with 0.3-megapixel (MP) resolution in a 1:1 aspect ratio. With up to 360 frames per second (fps) capture rate, it can perform like a global shutter in many conditions but with the size, performance and responsivity benefits of being a Back-Side Illuminated (BSI) rolling shutter sensor. With its small size, square format and high frame rate, ARX3A0 is particularly suitable for emerging machine vision, artificial intelligence and AR/VR applications, as well as small supplemental security cameras.

The ARX3A0 consumes less than 19 mW when capturing images at 30 fps, and just 2.5 mW when capturing 1 fps. The 1/10-inch square format enables low height modules, while the miniature 3.5 mm die size helps maximize the sensor’s field of view. Its small size and square format mean the ARX3A0 can be used in emerging applications where orientation isn’t fixed but space is limited, such as AR/VR goggles to monitor the wearer’s eye movement. The monochrome sensor is based on a 560 by 560 active-pixel array featuring ON Semiconductor’s NIR+ technology, giving it high sensitivity at near IR wavelengths to deliver superior performance in no light or when lighting is used that is non-detectable by the human eye.

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2D/3D Skeleton Tracking Device

Framos AI GmbH (Taufkirchen, Germany), a member of the FRAMOS® Group, is launching its FAIM SDK to enable AI powered algorithms optimized for real-time applications. Skeleton tracking is the first functionality that is integrated into the Framos AI SDK, which enables efficient 2D/3D application development. With the SDK supported by artificial intelligence algorithms, it is possible to integrate 2D and 3D skeleton tracking in as little as 30 minutes. The software package is listed by Intel® as official software for the RealSense™ technology.

Effectively, the integration of 10 lines of code enables skeleton tracking from any image or video input. By providing a development environment in the customer’s programming language, using existing API-wrappers, FAIM SDK increases implementation convenience significantly. The skeleton tracking functionality is optimized for edge hardware and can be run on all main platforms such as Intel® CPUs and ASICs as well as Nvidia® GPUs. The Framos AI SDK is closely developed in cooperation with Intel®, leveraging the Intel® RealSense technology, which combines 2D and 3D vision in a single device.

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Triggering Systems

Specialised Imaging (Temecula CA) has announced new high-performance triggering systems that enable capture of high-quality images from ultra-fast events. Robustly designed, the highly reliable OT-3 Optical Trigger is proven on ballistic proofing ranges worldwide as both a flash detector to trigger cameras or tracker systems, and as a projectile "movement" detector when measuring velocity. The OT-3 employs an array of twelve diodes with a 700 nm cut-off filter to limit the spectral response range between 300 to 700 nm. This reduces the likelihood of saturatation from high IR sources, such as clouds, when being used as a vertically viewing “skyscreen” trigger. The OT-3 Optical trigger is battery powered.

To simplify a velocity measurement or projectile position detection the Specialised Imaging SST1 is a reliable optical "skyscreen" style trigger when used with an SI Tracker, Velocity trap or similar systems. Pressure waves from explosions or a projectile bow shock wave can be detected by the Specialised Imaging SI-AT1, which is a reliable and inherently robust acoustic trigger for high speed video cameras or rate of fire measurement.

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Cooled Thermal Camera

RP Optical Lab (Petach Tikva, Israel) recently launched its latest microCORE 250HD cooled high-resolution camera developed for use in various defense and homeland security applications. The lightweight camera has a × l6 continuous optical zoom and 1280 × 720 resolution with small 10μ pixel size that allows long viewing ranges. The microCORE 250HD features auto focus and delivers high-quality image processing. Ruggedized for use in harsh environments, it also offers open-frame and IP-sealed configurations.

RP Optical Lab also launched its ZENITH lens, a modular lens for HD 10μ sensors that features wide/long-range capabilities with the widest FOV (field of view) being 40 degrees at ZENITH400 and the narrowest being 0.7 degrees at ZENITH100. The ZENITH features a very high optical zoom ratio of × 22, with focus maintained throughout the entire zoom range.

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