The Boeing Company has developed wavelet-based image compression software that offers state-of-the-art compression of still imagery, providing superior image quality at compression ratios ranging from several to one up to 200:1. The algorithm compares favorably with the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) standard in both image quality and algorithm speed at all compression ratios, and is dramatically better than JPEG for compression ratios over 30:1.

With the proliferation of digital imagery in a variety of applications, image compression is becoming a critical enabling technology. An efficient compression approach allows orders of magnitude reductions for image storage, transmission bandwidth, and/or transmission time. Boeing's wavelet-based approach improves image quality and pushes the upper bound of useful compression ratios as high as 200:1.

The algorithm is currently implemented in ANSI standard C source code, and has been hosted on personal computers, UNIX workstations, and DSPs. It has been successfully demonstrated for several defense applications and is readily transitionable for commercial applications. Current development efforts are focused on continued improvement in image quality, and extensions for color imagery and video imagery (using motion prediction). The algorithm is computationally efficient and highly parallel, making it well suited for real-time VLSI implementation.

Potential applications are seen in law enforcement, communication systems, graphics/imaging workstations, medical imaging, videoconferencing, intelligent vehicle highway systems, multimedia, remote sensing, the information superhighway, document imaging, and remotely piloted vehicles.

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