ILX Lightwave Corporation (Bozeman, MT) has released the LDM-4872 Quantum Cascade Laser Mount with case temperature control. Designed for quantum cascade lasers, the LDM-4872 offers a wide temperature control range, the ability to operate the QCL under vacuum, and an optional XYZ stage with multiple mid-IR lens options. The LDM-4872 supports C-Block, Alpes ST and NS chip on carrier packages, as well as customer proprietary QCL packages. An integral thermoelectric module and a high-performance water-cooled cold plate provide an active temperature control range of -30°C to 30°C with heat loads up to 10W. The optional XYZ stage provides precise adjustment even when the LDM-4872 is under vacuum. Precision differential adjustment screws for the X and Y axes provide 25μm/rev fine adjustment. The knurled lens cartridge has 64 threads per inch for precise Z adjustment.

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