Sunpods (San Jose, CA) has unveiled the SP-500 SunPods Solar Agriculture & Remote Site Power Systems, which are designed to provide solar power for on-grid and off-grid agricultural processing, wells, irrigation, and water distribution systems. The systems are engineered for grid connected or off-grid agriculture power-on-demand solutions for farms, ranches, and wineries needed for product processing, center-pivot irrigation systems, water irrigation, water distribution, water processing, and well-water pumping. At off-the-grid remote locations, the system replaces fuel-powered genset power sources. Municipal water agencies can utilize the systems for pumping water at water towers, wastewater, and water purification plants. They require 100V-480V, 50Hz/60Hz AC or 12/24/48VDC, scalable from 2.4-kW units to megawatt size.

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