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Booth 237: Product Of The Month

Labsphere (North Sutton, NH) offers the Solar Spectrum Uniform Source system for use in applications requiring the replication of sunlight and daylight conditions. The system duplicates the spectral shape of solar radiation with xenon and tungsten halogen sources and an integrating sphere. It can approximate the spectral radiance of a 100% albedo source, or the spectral curve of the ASTM Standard D65. With a radiance uniformity of over 98%, the Solar Spectrum Uniform Source also approximates near blackbody spectrums with color temperature ranges from 3000 K to 6000 K. The system includes a photopic detector for luminance monitoring; a high-dynamic range, low-noise CCD-based spectrometer to monitor spectral irradiance from 350 nm to 1050 nm; and spectrometer and uniform source control software.

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Booth 220: Stabilized Laser

B&W Tek (Newark, DE) introduces the USB Raman excitation laser series, based on spectrum stabilization technologies. The USB CleanlazeTM series comes in OEM and end-user packages, featuring narrow linewidth, 0.02 or 0.20 nm FWHM, and from 25 mW to over 1W at 785 nm. The USB version allows for digitally dialing to an output power level to suit specific sampling needs. The on/off digital laser control makes it convenient for background subtraction in Raman applications. Free space and fiber coupled versions are available.

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Booth 826 & 827: Photodiode Detector

The S10362-11 series MPPC (multi-pixel photon counter) from Hamamatsu Corporation (Bridgewater, NJ) is an advanced Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode detector that can detect light at ultra-low levels. The S10362-11 series is ideal for positron emission tomography, high-energy physics, DNA sequencing, fluorescence measurement, and environmental analysis. The detectors have an active area of 1 mm × 1 mm and are available in three pixel counts (100, 400, or 1600 pixels). Typical gain values range from 2.75 x 105 to 2.4 x 106. The S10362-11 series features high photon detection efficiency and peak sensitivity at 400 nm. They are insensitive to magnetic fields and can be operated at a low voltage of less than 90 V.

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Booth 1813: 2D Focal Plane Arrays

Two-dimensional focal plane arrays (FPAs) in three spectral bands from Judson Technologies (Montgomeryville, PA) provide solutions for users in the commercial, military, and aerospace communities. Custom design FPA formats, matched ROICs, and application-specific housing packages are included. Both In-GaAs and InSb FPAs are offered. The In-GaAs FPAs include the 1.7 μm standard cutoff operating at room temperature and the 2.6 μm cutoff operating with three-stage TEC temperature. The InSb FPA operates in the 2 to 5 μm spectrum at 77K. The initial FPA format is 320 × 256 with a 30 μm pitch.

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Booth 1344: SWIR Camera

Sensors Unlimited (Princeton, NJ) introduces the SU640KTSX-1.7RT Camera, offering a 640 × 512 pixel format on a 25 mm pitch. The SWIR camera delivers clear, real-time video imaging in a variety of lighting conditions and is ideal for passive surveillance and for use with imaging lasers. The InGaAs KTSX is available in a small OEM module (3 and <90g) for integration into larger systems. The all-solid-state imager features room temperature operation with onboard Automatic Gain Control, image enhancement, and built-in non-uniformity corrections.

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Booth 1913: High Speed Imager

Photron, Inc. (San Diego, CA) offers the Fastcam SA-1, an ultra-light-sensitive high speed imager. The sensor technology in the Fast-cam SA-1 delivers up to 5,400 frames per second at full mega-pixel (1,024 × 1,024) resolution and 675,000 fps at reduced resolution. With true 12-bit resolution for color fidelity, microsecond global shuttering, and inter-frame timing, the imager is also DC-powered and features both SDI and RS-170 video outputs for easy integration. The Fastcam SA-1 camera is suitable for machine vision, military and aerospace, and automotive and industrial markets.

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Booth 1511: IR Camera Software

FLIR Systems, (Boston, MA) introduces ThermoVision® ExaminIR software. This software tool is compatible with Microsoft Windows® XP and Vista operating systems. ExaminIR provides thermographic analysis and control functions for FLIR A, S, and SC series infrared cameras. The software performs real-time image analysis and provides playback features to open and analyze image sequences stored on a FLIR camera or PC. It features thermal analysis and measurement tools including spot, line, and area measurements. ExaminIR supports multiple data recording options including burst mode acquisitions to RAM and acquisition to a hard drive for longer sequences at slower frame rates.

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Booth 3023: Polymer Solution

Photonic Cleaning Technologies (Platteville, WI) introduces the Red Spray Formula First ContactTM Polymer Solution. This polymer solution cleans any size or shape optic, mirror, or crystal without touching delicate, precision surfaces. The spray has nano-level cleanliness with protection features. The First Contact polymer film prevents recontamination. Red Spray First Contact’s inert polymers are easily visible and render surfaces molecularly clean. Spray First Contact can be applied with either manual- or pressurized-spray systems. The spray is environmentally friendly.

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Booth 516: Optical Engineering Software

The FRED 6.x series optical engineering software from Photon Engineering, LLC (Tucson, AZ) is an advanced 3D CAD optical engineering software program capable of simulating the propagation of light through many optical/illumination systems. The FRED series has CAD import capabilities that reduce NURB complexity and improve user definable accuracy. The series offers two new scatter models: Tabulated PSD, which reads Power Spectral Density measurements, and a K-correlation model. The software has a virtual ray buffer that stores rays automatically to disk after reaching a user definable threshold.

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Booth 5041 + 5044: Diode Lasers

Intense Ltd. (Glasgow, Scotland) offers the HPD6020 830 nm high power single emitter laser diodes. The HPD6020 are high beam quality, single mode lasers with up to 200 mW of output power. The lasers are based on the company’s Quantum Well Intermixing technology and are suitable for defense, medical, and print and imaging applications. The HPD6020 is available in wavelengths of 830 nm ± 5 nm. The lasers are available in 5.6MM, 9MM, and C-mount packages. Monitor photo diodes are optionally available on the 5.6MM and 9MM packages.

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Booth 2042: Fiber Laser System

The NuFIRETM laser from Nufern® (East Granby, CT) is a 200W ytterbium fiber laser system that offers high precision, flexibility, and ease of use. The laser includes a standard wall plug, air cooling, monolithic architecture, 3RU form factor, and remote mountable I/O panel. A WindowsTM-based interface includes a visual waveform generator. With slew rates of 70 W/μs and pulse control in 5 μsec steps, NuFIRE offers cleaner cuts and welds. The NuFIRE has a maximum modulation frequency of greater than 120 kHz. The system features four onboard function triggers to switch instantaneously from one waveform to the next.

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Booth 627: Composite Patch Transducer

Physik Instrumente (Auburn, MA) introduces the P-876 DuraActTM line of piezo composite patch transducers. The transducer works as an actuator, sensor, and energy source and can be applied to curved surfaces. The DuraAct products are highly bendable piezo composite patch transducers tolerating bending radii as low as 20 mm. The rugged design ensures reliability, high resistance to damage, and a lifetime in excess of 10+9 cycles. Used as bender actuators, they allow high deflection of up to 0.8 mm with high force and precision. Applications include mechanical engineering, aerospace, and aviation.

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