Stratophase (Romsey, UK) introduces the Spectrosens sensing unit for biochemial detection of toxins, viruses, and bacteria in real-time. Based on an optical silicon micro-chip with an integral Bragg grating, Spectrosens uses a fiber optic cable to transmit a conditioned beam of light to the chip. When target agents or contaminants are carried in liquid across the surface, tiny changes in sample composition can be detected by precise and continuous monitoring of the wavelength of light reflected from the sensor. Pre-treating the surface to make it sensitive to certain biological or chemical reactions makes it a biochemical detector. The technology is ideal for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, as well as drug discovery and process control.

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Photonics Tech Briefs Magazine

This article first appeared in the February, 2008 issue of Photonics Tech Briefs Magazine.

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