Patterned dichroic filter
Patterned dichroic filter

Patterned dichroic filters from Deposition Sciences, Inc. (Santa Rosa, CA) operate over a wide range of wavelengths, from near ultraviolet to infrared. Able to be applied in a variety of substrates in multiple shapes and sizes, the filters maintain stability in extreme temperatures and conditions. Additionally, they may be applied to wafer substrates up to 100 mm in diameter in materials such as glass, silicon, sapphire, and fused silica. Coatings are applied on a single substrate with dimensions down to 100 microns, an accuracy of ±1 micron, and feature placement accuracy of ±5 microns. Applications include optoelectronic and opto-mechanical devices, satellites, and aircraft.

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This article first appeared in the March, 2007 issue of Photonics Tech Briefs Magazine.

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