Laser Components (Hudson, NH) offers the LDT-300B and LDT-300BG UV-conversion screens that can make UV laser radiation from 190 nm — 390 nm visible. The emission is based on “photon up conversion” effects. The screens do not require activation or moving inside the beam since there is no fading effect. The LDT-300B version measures 100 mm × 23 mm, while the LDT-300BG version measures 100 mm × 25 mm. The screens offer a minimum intensity of 2 (CW) or 2 (pulsed), and a maximum intensity of >10 kW/ cm2 (CW) or >10 J/cm2 (pulsed). The difference between the B and BG version is the mounting of the active material. The active surface of the B version extends to the edges of the conversion screen for use in alignment tasks, while the active material of the BG version is covered with a frame to protect the screen against mechanical shocks. The screens are suitable for use with excimer lasers, gas lasers, and tripled ND:YAG lasers.

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This article first appeared in the September, 2007 issue of Photonics Tech Briefs Magazine.

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