Prosilica (Burnaby, BC) has added the GigE VisionTM GC750 Gigabit Ethernet camera to its line of machine vision cameras. The GC750 connects directly to the Gigabit Ethernet port on the host computer and does not require a frame grabber. It incorporates a progressive scan CMOS sensor with global electronic shutter suitable for capturing high-speed motion events. The GC750 runs 60 fps at 752 × 480 resolution and is available in monochrome and color models supporting 8-bit and 10-bit formats. The GC750C (color version) outputs interpolated RGB, Bayer 8, Bayer 16, YUV411, YUV422, and YUV444 image data. It includes external trigger and sync I/O, and an RS232 port for controlling peripheral devices such as lens, lighting, PZT, or controllers. It also includes auto-iris control output for video-type auto-iris lenses. A software development kit is included to integrate the camera into a user’s vision applications, and supports 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows Vista, Win XP, Win 2000, Linux and QNX operating systems. Support for Intel x86 and PowerPC platforms is also available.

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This article first appeared in the September, 2007 issue of Photonics Tech Briefs Magazine.

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