FLIR Systems (Boston, MA) has introduced the ThermoVision® SC8000 MWIR infrared camera. Capable of generating over 1.0 million pixels for a single thermal image, the SC8000 produces full window 1024×1024 14-bit data at 132 frames per second (fps). By reducing the window size, the camera offers frame rates of 309 fps at 640×512, 751 fps at 320×256, and 909 fps at 160×120. The SC8000’s camera control interface enables the user to adjust the output frame rate of the camera from .0051Hz to full frame. The SC8000 also offers a high-performance 16-channel readout that provides digital data at 205 M pixels/second; multiple camera presets; and Gigabit Ethernet, Camera Link Full, and USB interfaces. Built-in IRIG-B timing provides on-board deterministic time stamping of each frame of data, as well as advanced IRIG-B options.

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