Linear Array Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) Modules

Linear Array Photomultiplier tube (PMT) modules from Hamamatsu Corporation (Bridgewater, NJ) offer high cathode sensitivity, high gain, and high-speed response. The H11451 series features 8 channels in a linear format, with each channel's photosensitive area measuring 2.0mm (W) × 2.5mm (H). Two spectral response ranges are available: 300-880nm (peak at 420nm) and 300-920nm (peak at 630nm).

The H11459 series includes 16 linear channels. Each channel's photosensitive area is 0.8mm (W) × 16mm (H). The H11460 series has 32 channels in a linear format, with 0.8mm (W) × 7mm (H) photosensitive area per channel. Both feature a rise time of 0.6ns and a transit time spread of 0.18ns. For the two options, there are five spectral response ranges to choose from: 185-650nm, 185-880nm, 300-650nm, 300- 880nm, and 300-920nm.

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