Polychromix (Wilmington, MA) offers the Phazir handheld near-infrared Digital Transform Spectrometer (DTS)™ analyzer, an all-in-one unit for data analyzing that allows users to perform chemical analysis in the field. The Phazir combines a Digital Transform Spectrometer engine, a MobiLight lightsouce, a reflectance probe, rechargeable batteries, integrated computer, an LCD display, and software. The DTS product family is powered by the company’s telecommunication MEMS (microelectromechanical system) technology that features a MEMS spatial light modulator in a portable form factor with a single InGaAs detector and no moving parts. The devices feature low power consumption and use a standard USB connection for communications and power interfaces.

The Phazir comes integrated with software that can be configured to specific applications. As a fully programmable solution, the Phazir and DTS products can be configured to operate in various scanning modes. Applications include laboratories, as well as industrial process controls such as material identification, quantitative analysis, purity analysis, quality control, and material inspection.