American Bright Optoelectronics Corp. (Chino, CA) has introduced the BWL-3B series of 3-watt, high-power LEDs in a 9 × 9-mm package that consists of multiple dice in a single multi-leaded package. This packaging allows for each die to be both independently addressable and assignable. The design allows for stage powering of the device in 1-watt increments, providing three separate flux intensities without the need for complex controllers or specialty drivers.

The LEDs are suitable for general lighting applications and are available in a range of colors including industry standards such as 460-nm blue, 630-nm red, cool white (6500K CCT), warm white (3300K CCT), and RGB intensities of red (25 lumens), green (35 lumens), and blue (10 lumens). Independent output efficiencies allow for the creation of an unlimited number of colors. Fast response times in RGB allow for the creation of daylight-visible moving message signs and displays. Other features include a 120° viewing angle and an operating temperature range of -22°F to 212°F.