BitFlow (Woburn, MA) has announced the Neon- CLQ Quad, a Camera Link/PoCL frame grabber that provides interfaces for four cameras plus I/O. All four cameras can be synchronized or independently operated with different resolutions, frame rates, and triggering modes.

The frame grabber supports PoCL (Power over Camera Link) cameras and is backwards compatible with non-PoCL cameras and cables. It also supplies Safe Power with full protection to the frame grabber and PC from CL power line faults. In addition, the Neon-CLQ board is a “half size” x4 PCIe board. BitFlow’s FlowThru technology minimizes image latency and guarantees zero CPU usage for image capture. Cameras up to 24 bits at 85 MHz pixel clock are also supported.

The Neon-CLQ, powered by the BitFlow Software Development Kit (SDK), is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. The kit provides drivers, DLLs, and configuration utilities for customers interested in using third-party software.

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