Rated for voltages up to 42,000 Volts DC, Cicoil’s (Valencia, CA) Silicone Jacketed Solar Power Cables have been designed to provide absolute reliability in solar panel interconnection and photovoltaic applications. These halogen- free cables are flame retardant, highly flexible and perform exceptionally well when exposed to severe cold & heat (-65°C to +260°C).

Cicoil’s exclusive crystal-clear silicone encapsulation is resistant to tearing, and will not deform, break or wear during a lifetime of more than 10 million cycles, even under tight bending radius and constant flexing conditions. The ultra-durable silicone compound is “self-healing” from small punctures and cable jacket damage can easily be repaired in the field ensuring continued service life. Cicoil’s unique silicone extruded cables do not require external “armor” or conduit for protection, and are unaffected when exposed to UV-radiation, sunlight, ozone, abrasion, salt, coarse sand, submersion, acid rain, ice, vibration, shock, humidity, mechanical stress, many chemicals and difficult weather conditions.

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This article first appeared in the September, 2012 issue of Photonics Tech Briefs Magazine.

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