Heyco Products, Inc., (Toms River, NJ) has announced the availability of new CPV Solar Connectors. Heyco CPV Solar Bulkhead Connectors mate with Heyco CPV Solar Connectors creating a liquid tight seal through the panel. The connectors crimp to stranded 14 to 10 gauge wire for internal connections. The CPV Solar Connectors offer a large cable diameter range covering a wide range of both USE-2 and 1000V PV cables. These connectors meet all UL cold impact requirements of the - 35°C test and meet all NEC requirements for solar installations. The CPV Solar and Bulkhead Connectors are UL recognized under File E344722, TUV certified under certification number R60033714, are IP 65 & 67 rated, have a V0 flammability rating and are constructed of polycarbonate for good chemical and impact resistance.

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