Cal Sensors (Santa Rosa, CA) has introduced a new MEMs Pulsed Emitter (MPE), a broadband source of quasi-black body pulsed light that operates over the 1 to 20 micron infrared (IR) spectrum. Designed with patented, thin-membrane, thermo-resistive material, the MPE combines excellent quality with high signal, fast pulses and long life.

The MPE provides high pulse rates (up to 100 Hz) and modulation depth with very repeatable results. Superior signal to noise measurements can be achieved since the fast pulses maximize the sensitivity of the accompanying detector while minimizing the 1/f noise.

The thin-membrane thermo-resistive design of the MPE offers low thermal mass and a low thermal time constant, allowing the emitter to rapidly heat up and cool down, thus turn on and stabilize for measurements very quickly. Consequently, the thermal conduction losses are smaller and radiation efficiency is maximized.

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