The newest short pulse, UV fiber laser from Coherent, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) is called the Daytona HE. With output at 355 nm, it produces nanosecond and shorter pulses with peak powers of >45 kW (at repetition rates up to 525 kHz) and high pulse energies of >70 μJ (at up to 325 kHz repetition rate). Combined with its TEMoo, mode quality (M²<1.3), this makes the Daytona-HE suitable for precision micromachining of a comprehensive range of semiconductors, glasses, organics, metals, and other materials. Pulsewidth can be adjusted from

Daytona lasers are targeted at high precision materials processing applications in which high throughput is critical and operational flexibility is advantageous. Typical examples include wafer dicing, scribing and drilling (especially with low κ materials), glass scribing for touch panels and LCDs, touch screen patterning, as well as thin film scribing for photovoltaics (solar) manufacturing.

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