Saelig Company, Inc. (Fairport, NY) has announced the OptiGauge MLS™, a patented non-contact thickness measurement system that is non-destructive and since it is self-calibrating, it leaves no opportunity for operator error. The OptiGauge MLS™ can measure each translucent coating in an object up to 20 layers thick - the thickness of individual layers and total overall thickness is calculated automatically.

A selection of available optical probes can be used to direct 1310nm infrared light from a super-luminescent LED through a variety of materials - transparent, translucent, or colored materials. As the refractive index changes from each internal surface, the OptiGauge MLS produces reflections for instant analysis with the advanced software’s graphical interface. The patent-protected design contains no moving parts for excellent reliability when measuring objects from 12μm to 50mm thick, with sub-micron accuracy.

The OptiGauge MLS System consists of the OptiGauge-MLS and Controller, the Control Center Software License, a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and an Optical Probe. A range of Optical Probes is available to choose from depending on individual applications. Compact in size for use on any bench-top (16.75”W x 18”D x 5.5”H) and weighing 20 lbs, the OptiGauge MLS System is designed for an operating temperature range of 15°C to 30°C.

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