The RTS125 from 4DSP (Austin, TX) is an off-the-shelf, distributed fiber optic sensing solution. With tens of thousands of strain or temperature sensors simultaneously monitored up to 100 times per second, the RTS125 offers the same sensing capabilities on up to eight channels as its predecessor, the RTS150, but in a lighter, ruggedized enclosure. This product delivers reliable measurements in the most demanding environments faced by the aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, and energy sectors among others.

Features include: Eight simultaneously monitored fiber optic sensing channels; 2048 equally-spaced sensors per fiber; 0.1 cm to 10 cm spatial resolution; real-time strain and temperature measurements through FBG; less than 50ms latency; up to 100Hz refresh rate; 3D shape sensing capability; resistance to electromagnetic/radio frequency interference and radiation for reliable operation in demanding environments; and networking capability via Ethernet.

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