SICK (Minneapolis, MN) recently announced the launch of the high-resolution LECTOR®650 image-based code reader for high-performance 1D and 2D code reading. A large field of view and an optional dynamic focus feature enable the LECTOR650 to easily identify different code positions, object heights, and transport speeds.

This omni-directional code reader provides modular integration of multiple devices for reading printed and direct part marked codes. Two variants — Flex and Dynamic Focus — are available with resolutions of 2 or 4 megapixels. The Dynamic Focus variant features a wide-angle lens and a frame capture rate of 40 Hz for identifying objects at fast conveyor speeds of up to 4 m/s. Easy-to-use function buttons, integrated LED illumination, and an aiming laser ensure simple setup and installation without a PC. The LECTOR650 includes a MicroSD memory card for storing images and parameter settings. It is compatible with various network fieldbuses, including TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, serial, and CAN.

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