Specialised Imaging (Herts., UK), working in conjunction with Cavitar (Tampere, Finland), has announced the SI LUX640 laser illumination system, designed to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of high-speed video, ultra-high-speed framing cameras, Schleiren imaging, and Shadowgraph systems.

The SI-LUX640 is based on proprietary, pulsed, high-power diode laser illumination technology, which can illuminate an object up to a million times a second. The pulsed light power is typically several hundreds of watts, and the brightness is far greater than with LED light sources. The light pulses produced are so powerful and short that they can provide precise frozen images of transient events just 100's of nanoseconds in duration. The intense light emitted by the SI-LUX640 laser illumination system can also be transferred to a target object through an integral 2-meter fiber optic cable, enabling the illumination of hard-to-access objects.

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