The Optoelectronics Company (Hertfordshire, UK) has launched a range of direct emission 520nm green laser diode modules which offer OEMs and system integrators a cost and energy-efficient alternative to low-tech DPSS green laser modules. The green laser diode modules produce a high-quality elliptical beam at 520nm and offer high output stability with optical output powers of up to 35 mW. With an operating voltage of 9V DC and a broad ambient operating temperature range from -10°C to +50°C, they are energy-efficient, requiring typically 140mA operating current at 35mW and offer a long lifetime at continuous operation.

Robust and reliable with externally adjustable optics and self-contained drive electronics, the modules are static, surge and reverse-polarity protected and RoHS compliant. Mechanical dimensions are 53mm long and 12mm diameter and the housing material is anodised aluminium. Electrical connections are made via 300mm external flying leads.

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