Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. (Orlando, FL) are now offering their patented LASORB component in an SMT form. LASORB is a hybrid electronic device that consists of passive electrical and active silicon components that come together to help protect laser diodes from electrostatic discharge (ESD) and power surges. Currently LASORB is the only proven device that can guarantee the protection of laser diodes from ESD and power surges. The LASORB SMT KIT consists of two resistors, a capacitor, and Pangolin’s TSOP6/4G-20V LASORB semiconductor.

To help clients understand how individual components within the kit should be connected together, and connected to a laser diode, Pangolin has published the circuit layout of their LASORB through-hole part. The circuit layout clearly identifies all components in the LASORB SMT KIT including all resistors (R1, R2), capacitors (C1) and the TSOP6/4G-20V semiconductor.

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