XIMEA (Munster, Germany) recently announced new Thunderbolt™ technology ready cameras that are equipped with the newest sensors from Sony (IMX174) and CMOSIS (CMV20000). The cameras provide highest speeds and direct access to computer memory at 10 and 20 Gbit/s respectively.

The model MT200 is based on the 20 Mpix sensors from CMOSIS called CMV20000. Full resolution of this CMOS sensor with global shutter can be utilized at 30 frames per second in the 12 bit mode thanks to 20Gbit/s. Camera itself is further enhanced with the active EF-mount interface for control of dynamic aperture and focus. Use of the Falcon Ridge 4C makes daisy chain interconnection possible.

The model MT023 is integrated with the new Sony IMX174 CMOS sensors featuring technology called Pregius™. With the help of 10Gbit/s throughput it is also the only camera in the world which can deliver full sensor resolution of 2.3Mpix at 12bit/pix 128fps, or 10bit/pix @165fps. Camera design features a housing size of only 26 × 26 × 38mm.

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