The VRmTS-20 from VRmagic (Mannheim, Germany) is an external sensor module for the D3 intelligent camera platform. With its compact dimensions of 26 x 26 mm and the flexible cable connection to the camera base unit, the module is particularly suitable for applications with limited or angled space. The sensor module is available as OEM version and as COB S-mount M12 version with different lenses and filter glasses.

The sensor module is equipped with the CMOS sensor AR0134 from Aptina. The 1/3" sensor can capture 40 frames per second at a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels. Up to six VRmTS-20 sensor modules can be connected to a multi-sensor camera base unit via flex-foil-cables. The modules can be positioned freely and deliver pixel-synchronous images from different perspectives. Remote-sensor cameras can be equipped with flex-foil-cables or alternatively with round cables.

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