Vision Research (Wayne, NJ) has enhanced its UHS-Series line of 1 megapixel (1Mpx) ultrahigh-speed cameras. The new Phantom v2512, v2012, v1612, and v1212 cameras are now available with either 72GB, 144GB, or 288GB of memory, providing significantly longer recording times and more data recording flexibility than previous versions of the cameras. These cameras also take advantage of Vision Research’s 1TB and 2TB CineMag IV to quickly record data to a large amount of non-volatile storage. Coupled with 10GB Ethernet that comes standard with all Phantom ultrahigh-speed cameras, the UHS-12 Series offers a smooth, efficient workflow to managing critical data.

The 1TB and 2TB CineMag IV allow users to save from RAM to non-volatile storage as quickly as 1GB/sec, meaning 288GB can be saved in less than 5 minutes, increasing a camera’s utilization during critical shoot times. The cameras also can save data directly into the CineMag. The CineMags can be downloaded later, either through the camera or through Vision Research’s CineStation.

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