Toshiba America Electronic Components (San Jose, CA) has released a group of 30 microcontrollers (MCUs) based on the ARM® Cortex®-M3 core. The M3H MCUs are fabricated with an embedded flash memory process. Target applications include motor control, consumer electronics, office automation equipment, and housing and facility equipment.

The devices operate at up to 40 Mhz, and the line-up contains low-pin-count packages (32 to 100 pins) and small flash memory sizes (32 KB to 128 KB). Features integrated into the M3H group include a 12-bit AD converter; an 8-bit DA converter; Toshiba’s programmable motor control circuit (PMD), with AC motor and BLDC motor control; and general-purpose peripheral circuits, such as UART, I2C, TSPI, and timers.

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