An IC and module from Sendyne (New York, NY) performs ground fault detection and isolation monitoring while simultaneously measuring current, voltage, and temperature. The AEC-Q100-qualified SFPGFD adheres to international standards and regulations for isolation monitoring in plug-in electric vehicles (xEVs).

Using controllable excitation voltage, the technology detects all sources of leakage, including multiple simultaneous asymmetrical and symmetrical faults, as well as resistive shorts between the chassis and battery points that have the same potential as the chassis.

Two dedicated channels measure voltage from the battery to chassis and the total battery potential; the latter is also available for utilization by the battery management system (BMS). Sendyne’s algorithm applies deep filtering and averaging on the measured data, resulting in noise rejection.

The SFPGFD module has four extra high voltage channels that monitor pre-charge status, state of fuses, and contactors. All six voltage channels on the SFPGFD module measure ±450 V continuous and ±650 V momentary overvoltage.

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