The RS-3500 field portable spectro-radiometer from Spectral Evolution (Lawrence, MA) supports fast, non-destructive remote sensing applications, such as chlorophyll/moisture analysis, plant species identification, and forest canopy studies. The 7-lb RS-3500 features no moving optical parts.

A sealed unit and stainless-steel-jacketed fiber optic cable resists dust, dirt, and moisture. The new ILM-105 light source is rail-mounted to the unit. A GETAC field PDA controls the instrument, collecting and viewing scans, GPS, voice notes, and digital pictures.

The RS-3500 provides autoshutter, autoexposure, and autodark correction before each new scan. The spectroradiometer also features a full-range NIR field spectrometer (350-2500 nm). Accessories include contact probe, pistol grip, leaf clip, and FOV lenses.

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