The SBSI series of vision sensors from Festo (Hauppauge, NY) feature rugged IP67 housing, built-in lighting, and EtherNet/IP capability. SBSI sensors, which read 1D and 2D bar codes, can be ordered as components, portions of a subsystem ready for assembly, or parts of a plug-and-play module.

The SBSI-B reads Direct Part Marking (DPM) codes, including both laser-etched and dot-peened objects. The device reads up to 10 codes per image. The SBSI-Q for quality inspection can be used for completeness and presence sensing to ensure all relevant parts are mounted and/or accounted for. Optics offer a range of reading areas and working distances. Code reading models have enhanced depth of field to increase the area of focus.

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This article first appeared in the June, 2016 issue of Sensor Technology Magazine.

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